Victorian Jars Market Size & Share | Industry Trends Analysis Report for 2030

Victorian Jars Market Size & Industry Trends Report


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Victorian jars market- An overview

The most elegant glass jar for packaging of gift articles and food items so as to give a royal feel is being done by using the Victorian glass jars.

The Victorian glass jars also known as French square glass jars are the new status statements since the Victorian period. The royal families of the Victorian era used the Victorian jars for storing handmade salts and scrubs and gifting purposes.

The Victorian jars nowadays are very popular in food and beverages industry for preserving sauces and candies. Apart from storing and preservation, these Victorian jars are also used for marketing and branding purposes by the companies. As, the Victorian jars has four distant sides made up of zero affinity glass are perfect for multiple labelling possibilities.

Because glass is virtually inert, impermeable and most stable packaging material, the Victorian jars manufacturers are using different types of high-grade glass to ensure tamper.

Additionally, the increasing banning initiative for plastic by the government and the related regulatory bodies is anticipated to witness the demand for Victorian glass jars in the market.

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Victorian jars market- Market dynamics

The capability of the Victorian jars is to preserve the aroma and offer strength the product, making them the most favourable packaging solution.  The Victorian jars are manufactured from glass. The glass does not contaminate the inner contents stored because of which it most suitable for storing food and beverages which helps the manufacturers to preserve their products.

In addition, the glass is fully recyclable, which makes more desirable for packaging from the environment point of view. The manufacturing of the Victorian jars directly saves tons of resources and also reduces the emission of harmful gases.

There are three types of glass which is used in the manufacturing of the Victorian jars which are borosilicate, soda-lime and flint glass. Out of these the borosilicate glass is most strong, durable and tamper resistant.

The flint glass preferred more over the two glass types because of its crystalline lustre, offering an excellent integrity and visibility of the jar contents. The manufacturers are widely using the flint glass because it also offers great 3D printing and branding through textured labelling.

This also enables to offer a stunning differentiation from the rivals and allows the customers to see the product from outside and thus, transparency is maintained. Such clear- clarity feature draws larger market for flint glass for packaging and therefore, is driving the demand for the Victorian jars among various end user industries.

Victorian jars market- Regional Outlook

The Victorian jars have largest market in their origin region that is the Europe. The Victorian jars are in the demand because of growing food and beverages companies which rely on elegant and transparent glass jar packaging. Therefore market of Victorian jars will witness growth in the North America and Asia Pacific regions.

The Victorian jars is expected to flourish in the regions like Latin America and Oceania as the companies of these regions are also moving towards using glass material for sustainability and notable advancements regarding marketing and branding of products.

Victorian jars market- Competitors

The different competitors in the Victorian jars market are as follows-

  • Owens-Illinois Inc.
  • Amcor Ltd.
  • Cornucopia Brands
  • Gerresheimer AG
  • Vidrala S.A.
  • Toyo Glass Co. Ltd.
  • Ardagh Packaging Group Plc.
  • Consol Glass
  • Carib Glassworks Ltd.
  • Nampak Ltd.

Victorian jars market- Market segmentation

By material, the Victorian jars market is segmented as follows-

  • Glass
  • Type 1 - Borosilicate glass
  • Type 2 - Soda-lime glass
  • Type 3 - Flint glass

By top lid material, the Victorian jars market is segmented as follows-

  • Glass
  • Metal

By capacity, the Victorian jars market is segmented as follows-

  • 3 oz to 5 oz
  • 5 oz to 10 oz
  • 10 oz to 15 oz

By end user industry, the Victorian jars market is segmented as follows-

  • Food and beverage industry
  • Pickle and preserved food
  • Sauces and condiments
  • Salad dressing
  • Fruit shakes
  • Candy
  • Consumer goods
  • Decoration
  • Gift packaging
  • Candle

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