Vinod Kalathiya


CEO of Sensussoft

I am Vinod Kalathiya C.E.O. 29 years old and founder of Sensussoft Software Pvt Ltd. I founded the company in 2014. As a very small software development company, we have grown rapidly over the past few years and today we are a mid-sized and internationally successful company with global and long-term partnerships around the globe. I am proud of the fact that I have built the company organically and without outside capital. Every day teaches me new things, which I continuously integrate into improvements of the company. I enjoy solving complex and business challenges and leading my team. I am particularly interested in software engineering, marketing management, human resources management and operational and strategic planning. My work & career I founded Sensussoft together with a partner (Bhautik Ajmera). He managed the technical issues and I managed the organizational issues in a company with 2 team members in a ridiculously small, 200 square feet rented office. After one year we