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Vintage Leviton Wall Lamp

Vintage Leviton Wall Lamp is an impressive design. Anyone will impress by this lamp. This lamp is a practical table lamp to meet your basic lighting needs


monir. eclips

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Leviton is a well-known lamp manufacturing company that originated vintage item. Leviton has become one of the most prominent brands in the lighting industry. It produces home or office products for residential and commercial applications such as decorative lamps, table lamps and wall sconces. Leviton distinguished product line includes: indoor-outdoor lights, suspended ceiling fans, recessed can light fixtures, speciality lighting systems including LED solutions like LED track lights

1. vintage Murano bridge arm - Christian collectables

Leviton is one of the most popular brass lighting fixtures. The vintage design and brass look found in their modern-day fixtures make them a great addition to any room. Brass lamps can be placed near windows, fireplace mantles or bedsides to give warmth while sending light through a window or up towards the ceiling with ease. The lamp is made of iron and finished in vintage brass colour. It stands about 6 inches tall, delivers good voltage at 230 volts AC, has a UL approved electrical cord with a 3-way light switch plus a wall mount receptacle for wall mounting. The lampshade uses the Leviton "UL" thermostat control system to automatically regulate the heat output from incandescent bulbs up to 100 watts; its front cover can be adjusted so that it will turn off when lying flat on.

The vintage lamp has original stickers, from japan. vintage lamp brass Leviton mid-century Hollywood regency hammered wall retired antique lamp for sale item vintage item for sale. Leviton wall lamp has a unique design and it is one of the best options for creating an ambience in your living space. You can have this wall lamp to decorate any room easily by just replacing the old bulb with a new LED Bulb or CFL Light Bulbs. Leviton wall lamp is known as a durable and long-lasting wall lamp. The wood can be polished to give it added lustre, making the lamp look very elegant on your wall. Leviton has been producing quality lighting for more than 80 years and their lamps are still among the best sellers in both DIY and retail markets alike.

There are many products that are collectable. For example, collectable lamps is a kind of product that can be sold in antique shops, on websites and at speciality stores. Lamp collectors pay attention to the shape and decoration of lighting fixtures made by various materials such as brass, glassware (such as a crystal), porcelain(china) etc., especially if they have historical value.

Vintage collectable lamps are collectable vintage wall or ceiling sconces, candelabra and cabinet lights made from brass and other metals antique collections. Vintage collectable lamps include authentic reproductions of original antique lighting designs from the early 1900s such as Art Deco to Victorian-era art deco lamps. Products using this lamp can help mimic the nostalgic sepia tint of traditional film. vintage accessories are typically associated with more bygone eras and tend to be more affordable than their new counterparts (this is especially true of vintage desk lamps). for a classic, rustic aesthetic, consider investing in an antique wall sconce like this one from Ikea, which comes with its own light socket and adjustable arm as well as a handy pull chain that you can use if you want.


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