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Rezina Denis

2 years ago | 1 min read

Virtual Meetings that have structure, rules, and human factors outperform and generate results

Gone are the days where meetings and discussions would happen in conference setups or coffee tables. These few months have changed everything we did both in our personal and professional lives. And I would like to believe mostly for good.

Video meetings were occasional and rare, mostly undertaken for vendor discussions of technology demo.

But today's its a reality and a BAU ( Business As Usual)

Today it’s all that most of us do. And given the speed of that change, few of us have any idea how to conduct these meetings well. 

“There’s no reference, manual or readymade guide,” on how to make virtual meetings effective

Through my vast experience in conducting virtual meetings and simple research was done while interacting with corporate professionals and senior leaders, am happy to share a few simple tips that will power up your virtual meetings.

Jam in, please 

Most of us agree that Virtual Meetings are efficient and time savers, but they lack energy. Don't start your meeting by diving straight into the agenda. Start with some light-hearted conversations, stories, or put up an act. So what if you are the boss? Bosses can also sing or play a guitar as a surprise for their teams. And if you are not the kinds who can go all out then simple light conversations can be your ice breakers.

This helps the team to warm up and they are open to sharing their thoughts and ideas throughout the meeting.

Break Out Please

Most introverts may not want to speak during a house full of virtual people. Thus, to give them comfort put them into small break-out rooms to brainstorm and ideate.

This helps them to be free in their heads and share more confidently.

Virtual Rules

Call out a few rules on camera on/off , mute options, not interrupting when someone is presenting, and respecting each participant.

This helps create a positive environment and encourages participation.


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