Vision Boards Create Success

Vision Boards create success by providing another tool to achieve your goals this year. Check out this 3 step plan to make the most of 2024 and beyond!


Kathy Husser

3 months ago | 2 min read

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What is a vision board? How can they help you create and achieve your goals this year? Read on for 3 simple steps to make a vision board and have your dreams come true this year.

Visualize Goals

First you need to visualize your goals or what you want out of 2024. Whether it’s anew job,relationship, or home, create a picture in your mind of exactly what that looks like. Remember little details to truly create a vision in your mind’s eye of how achieving your goal would feel.

Next, have at least 3-5 big ideas for the new year. Write down the words that describe those successes and don’t hold back.Words that come to mind can be fearless, courage, abundance, joy, self-care, so use your imagination.

Illustrate Your Big Ideas

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I’m not an artist, so illustrating for me may be different for you. I like touse Pinterestas a very easy way to capture my thoughts and inspiration. Studies have proven if you can visualize your goals, you will increase your chances of achieving them. Digital photos, drawings, doodles, anything that brings your big idea to mind is an “illustration” for your board.

I tend to create simple drawings and also attach photos for inspiration on my vision board. Whatever is easiest, illustrate your ideas so you have a roadmap to your action steps.

Map Out Steps

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Mapping out specific actions, no matter how small, for each goal is your next step.For example, if you want to learn Spanish by the end of year, your actions might resemble:

Check out free language resources at the library

Research local teachers or community organizations for classes

Block off time on my weekly calendar for lessons/practice

Book my trip to Mexico for the summer or in 2025

Continue conversational Spanish with my neighbor two nights a week

When goals are written down, visualized and acted on, they are more easily achieved.The vision board for this big idea might include Yucatan travel photos or common conversational phases. Having a goal that is broken down and committed on your calendar is also more likely to be completed by your timeline. This is only one big idea example, so think of more and don’t limit yourself.

The most difficult part of a vision board is deciding what you want from 2024 with so many possibilities today. Don’t limit yourself, and make this new year, a year to remember and celebrate.Here’s to a happy and healthy 2024 to you and your family and friends!

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