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Mary Obiagba

2 years ago | 4 min read

Cover photo extracted from Glorious Way's article. Googled like any developer would (*winks*) to get it and found it. Just the perfect cover photo I needed for this article. We have life outside the work we do too, and I thought it would be great to take a short break from writing about tech. To write something to encourage someone - yes, this article is just for that one person who needs it. Also you don't have to be a christian or even believe in God to read or benefit from this article, I wrote it the only way I know to write it - I hope this doesn't discourage you.

When there is sickness or some form of it in our body, it is almost impossible to live a "normal" life. Through God's word that we consume and/or through his word spoken by his servants, we have the assurance that we will be healed. The waiting process is not an easy one, a lot has and will still happen between the time the health condition started and when it will finally leave our body according to God's word. Thank God for some wonderful people in our lives encouraging us during this hardship.

Sometimes when you call out for help or when you express how the pain in your life makes you feel, it is often seen as :

  • Lack of faith
  • Loss of hope
  • You are seeking (too much or unnecessary) attention
  • You are exaggerating
  • You are seeking special privileges for things (those other people believe) you should be able to do
  • You are seeking or exhibiting self pity or you want people to pity you

I am able to walk, just not as much as I would have loved to be able to do. I've experienced these first hand. The list is endless, you may even have experienced worse than I can ever think of or imagine.

I'm going to major on the faith and the "what other people think" aspect. To have faith IS NOT (for example) to force yourself to standup (because some other persons think so), when it is evident that you can't stand up. By evident, I don't mean that it should be clear to everyone. Just as the physical eyes is useless to seeing what happens spiritually, some physical eyes are also blind to even the very obvious physical things. Even if a body lies down lifeless and the whole world can see it that this person is dead, these set of persons would prefer to escort the "said to be dead" person to the gate of heaven or hell (if it is possible) just to be sure that the person is truly dead (Lol. I'm only trying to make the post funny, I hope you get what I mean).

Some other times, the ailment may not be easily noticeable. You may look clean and healthy on the outside, but it really does eat you up on the inside. You don't have to prove anything to anybody by doing more than what you are able to do, because of what these other persons think. It may just be that they think you are able to do things because what affects you is not noticeable. It may also be that it is noticeable, but that is just their definition of "faith".

I will like to cite some scriptural references (if you don't mind) of those who got healed by Christ. What was the process like? Did Christ expect them to do more than they had the power to do, before he touched and healed them? Or did they have to prove that they had "faith" by trying to do what Christ was going to heal them of first, before the healing took place? See for yourself in Matthew 9:2-7, Mark 2:3-12 and John 5:2-9. The examples show the kind of help gotten by these men who couldn't walk, up to the point where the healing finally happened. The few scriptural references I cited here are "legs-related", they can be applied to any case, but do well to find references related to the ailment in your own body (Google to the rescue, *winks*).

While you wait for God's healing, he wants you to stay sane and to live a normal life. This normal life will not be "normal" to any other "normal" person, who doesn't know how it feels to be in the condition you currently are in. This normal life is not one that encourages you to sit in your comfort zone, it is also not designed to deprive you of your humanity. It is ok to get help when you need it, regardless of what anyone says or thinks - It is part of the healing process.

Before I "drop my pen", I will like to talk about this other part. Naaman in 2 Kings 5:11-12 was expecting that the healing will happen in a certain way. He was angry, disappointed and almost missed his healing. It took his servants simplifying it to him, for him to get the gist - verse 13. The healing you have been waiting for can come in anyway God pleases it. Don't reject it when it finally comes, don't miss it.

Freely share. Let me know what you think in the comments.

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