Wanna Succeed? Defeat These Three Bosses

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Antonio Parente Jr

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In a previous post, I told you that doing the wrong thing is the main reason behind your failure.

Not losing weight? That’s because you chose to exercise instead of dieting. Not gaining muscle? That’s because you’re not stimulating your muscles correctly.

Figuring out the right thing to do is the first boss you have to defeat

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The moment you discover that you have to change your diet is when perishes the first boss of the critically acclaimed game“Pounds Hunter VII — The Tale of The Sacred Scale”. And, like in a video game, once you kill him, you unlock the next levels.

But, before we proceed, take some time to celebrate your achievement. Trust me: you’re already part of a minority.

Also, don’t forget to save your progress, because a much fiercer foe awaits you next.

The second boss

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Taking action. This is the second boss. Yes, at some time you’ll have to eat the broccoli.

This guy is a helluva tough motherfuc***. Leaving the couch and going to the gym is tough. Skipping the cheeseburger in favor of a healthy meal is tough. Taking action is tough.

But if you defeat him, open that champagne. You deserve it. Among those few who know what to do, only a handful actually do something.

Now, take a deep breath and summon all your strength, because you’re gonna need it.

The third boss

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Definitely not fooling around, he will have you for breakfast if you lower your guard.

He is…

[Drum roll, please.]

Ta-da! Being consistent.

We always have a good excuse for not being consistent. You know, there is this universal menu where you can choose whatever better fits you: the kids, no time, no money, the rain, your grandma’s TV just broke, [fill in here with your perfectly acceptable excuse]…

Being consistent is HARD. Compared to this final boss, the first two seem like stealing candy from a baby. Being consistent is Bowser from Super Mario. It is Lavos from Chrono Trigger. It is the ultimate boss.

Being consistent meansregularlyhaving healthy, nutritious meals. It means hitting the gym two or three times a week,everyweek. In essence, it means building good habits. Build good habits and success will be just a matter of time.

Aristotle was right when he said that we are what we repeatedly do.

Just make sure you’re repeatedly doing the right thing.


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