Want some Magic in life?

This is a self-help article about how you can push yourself to be positive in life.


Parul Gupta

3 years ago | 1 min read

Life is beautiful. Yes, we know.

Life is magical. No, we don’t know.

In all the hustle bustle these days in life we tend to forget ourselves and wear a mask of fakeness just to catch people attention. Honestly, I have done that too...have you??

When you yourself wear a fake mask you perceive everyone is. And here is where you miss the most important charms of life.

It's not our mistake. We are taught so. We are taught to be like others since childhood when even we don't know there may be something that we are more perfect in. And here we miss seeing the charm in life!!

Life gives ample opportunities to feel it and we give ample excuses to avoid it. it not?

Can u memorize a moment when you wished to have a chocolate flavoured cornetto in school and when you reach home and Mom says: Go have your cornetto...its in the refrigerator ☺☺☺

Can you memorize those moments when many times your eyes unintentionally stuck at some person and same happens with him...and later that person shares the most important place in your heart!! I have!

Being an admirer and big fan of Rhonda Byrne, author of the best-selling books "The Secret", "The magic " and more I would say if you haven’t experienced those magical experiences yet than you are missing something. Missing expressing “gratitude" in life.

Try thanking and feeling happy for all the things and people you have in life than crying over the things u don’t. Try pushing negative thoughts and pulling the positive ones in your mind. And I bet your life will turn out to be magical......😊.


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