If You Want to Start a Business, Begin by Writing Online

10 reasons why this works


Blake Lazur

3 years ago | 3 min read

Writing online is the best way to build a resume, learn fast, and find peers and collaborators who can create careers and business ventures for you.

The content you create compounds and multiplies over time.

At all times, your unique content searches the globe for other humans and opportunities, mentors, job offers, speaking gigs, mentors, pitches, interviews, investment opportunities, podcast appearances, and exclusive event invitations. All of this can all be possible when you share your ideas online.

You’re in luck. With the ability to read and write and access to the internet, you can create and push your ideas to the world at little to no cost.

Here are 10 reasons why you should write online to start a business

1. Easy Marketing

Writing content online will make your marketing efforts lighter. The people who engage with your content will now become your future customers. Having an already growing audience will jump-start your business to profitability.

2. Discovery of Ideas

Writing helps you formulate what your ideas are. Writing is not just about sharing what you think; it’s to discover what you think. Writing, before you know what to write about is a great way to start.

3. The Emergence of Business Partners

Building a business becomes more comfortable when you team up with people who share your values. Spreading your ideas online attracts those who feel the same way as you. Like-minded individuals who complement your weaknesses will gravitate toward you.

4. Writing Online is the Core of Entrepreneurship

When creating a startup, you must be comfortable with the judgment of others. The market for products is unforgiving, as is the market for words. Projecting yourself to the public eye is the fastest way to improve.

5. Digital Marketing Knowledge

Writers quickly learn the basics of email and social media marketing when building their audience. This teaches you about growth, website design, and strategies to reach more people.

6. Persistence

Founders build great businesses by showing up to work no matter how they feel. Founders who make execution their main goal helps them stay true to their vision of long-term viability. The days you stay home, someone else is out there pushing harder.

7. Owning your Audience

Writing on other’s platforms is tempting from the start because you can leverage their audience. It’s hard to start from scratch and build a following without connecting with others through a mutual party.

In the long-term, it’s better to write on your own site. This will develop your self-reliant skills and help you own an audience that is loyal to your brand.

8. Business Plan Improvements

When you project ideas online, people will give you their opinions. This feedback allows you to critique your original thoughts and add to them. This process is the beginning of your mark research.

Listening to feedback from others is extremely valuable. It not only gives you a sense of what to write about next but ideas for your future startup.

9. Acceleration of Learning

Start writing online no matter the level of thought you have. Too many individuals think they need to wait until they are an expert to share what they believe.

Writing online forces you to learn quickly and formulate the best ideas you have for public consumption. The more you write online, the quicker you develop authority in your niche.

10. Market Selection

Your strategy for writing and business should be the same. A small but growing market preferably around something you’re passionate about. Dive deep, and never stop learning about it. Formulate what you’ve learned and present it to the world.

Presenting yourself to the world through writing allows for the expression of original thought. Your ideas will attract those who believe what you believe and transcend into an audience far past what you could have ever imagined.

Finding yourself through writing is how you will create the idea for your business. The inception of great ideas comes from projecting your voice into the unknown and listening for the echo that returns.

Take that echo and run with it.

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