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Check the cold-water supply if your unit shuts off in the middle of a cycle.

It sounds simple, but the most common reason a Hotpoint washer shuts off in the middle of a cycle is because the cold-water supply is not working. As a result, the machine is unable to complete the rinse cycle, causing the problem. If this does not solve the problem, the drain hose may be at the wrong height. Check the user manual for proper application. If the washing machine Is out of order then it Is suggested to hire the trusted and reliable Washing Machine Repair Dubai online.

Distribute the load evenly if the washing machine does not spin

Hotpoint washing machines have a built-in feature that prevents them from spinning with an unbalanced load. If your clothes are still damp when you take them out of the machine, you should distribute them evenly and select the spin program again. An unbalanced load can also cause the machine to run for a long time as it tries to rebalance the load. Washing large and small items together can help prevent the problem.

If the unit is not empty, check the plumbing and drain hose

If your unit isn't draining, check the connection to the water line for obstructions, as food and grease build-up (good!) can also be the culprit. Make sure it's not clogged or bent, and if it goes into the standpipe, it's not pushed back more than four inches. If the washer still does not drain, check that the crease care or hold rinse options are not selected. Both options will keep laundry in the rinse water using industrial laundry programmers.

In case of a leak, make sure the equipment is level

If the detergent dispenser appears to be leaking, it may be because the unit is not level. To correct this, adjust the feet at the front of the machine to raise the front of the machine. If the leak is more severe, check the fill hose, drain hose and main plumbing pipes for leaks, as well as the connections to the water supply hoses. The faster and cheapest options will by to have the washing machine repaired by a local Washing Machine Repair in Abu Dhabi


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