Stop wasting your life! Divert your energy to do something worthwhile! Do more of what you love!


Jyoti Swaroop Mohanty

3 years ago | 4 min read

Every time you think of going to work, does it make you frown?

Do you push yourselves too hard to go to work each day? Are you doing things with a lack of purpose?

Are you unable to enjoy your weekends because you find yourselves loathing about returning to work on Monday morning?

If that’s the case! Then you’re wasting your life!

And all I have to ask is, how long will you let yourselves suffer?

Life is too precious to be wasted on a job where you don’t feel fulfilled and content.

It’s time to make a wise decision! Its time you let go of something that holds you back!

Being stuck in a job where you don’t feel happy is equal to destroying your soul!

Too many people are trapped in toxic jobs, willingly suffering just because they don’t have the guts to get out of it!

But you don’t have to be one of them!

Because when you hate your work, you’re not just ruining your career but you are putting a lot of things at stake.

1. Your productivity is getting compromised

Going to a job with a lack of interest is restricting your productivity. It’s stopping you from realizing your true potential. You may find yourselves disinterested and unable to think. You will slowly start feeling worthless.

This could be one of the reasons why your boss or your colleagues look down upon you. Because when you are not truly enjoying what you do, you will never be able to give your best.

Work should never seem like a forced obligation, it should be done with all your heart.

2. Your personal life is suffering

Do you often find yourselves withdrawing from your relationships? Are you unable to devote time to your family? Do your kids often complain that you are always occupied? Do you often find yourselves arguing with your family members?

Having a stressful professional life will highly impact your personal life. You won't be able to truly dedicate time to your family. You will miss out on catching up with your friends or doing things you love.

Your mind is constantly gripped with fear and anxiety. You miss out on the beautiful joys of your life. Putting your own and others' lives at risk.

Work should never wreak havoc in your personal life.

3. It will exacerbate your mental health.

Chronic work-life will negatively impact your mental wellbeing.

A lot of people have complained that they have experienced symptoms of anxiety and depression due to their toxic work culture. With some stating that they have this impending sense of doom.

Why put your mental health at risk by being trapped in a worthless job?

When you are happy and satisfied at work, it will improve all aspects of your life.

A toxic job can make you feel dead from the inside!

4. Your physical health is at stake

If sleepless nights, debilitating migraines, lack of appetite, and tense muscles have become a pattern then it’s toxic and is ruining your health.

Stress-induced due to work will physically affect your body, making you feel weak from the outside.

It will not just tire your mind but will tire your body too, minimizing your productivity.

Your physical health will deteriorate with time if you are trapped in a toxic work.

The stress-induced will drain all your energy.

5. It becomes difficult for you to appreciate the things around you.

When you have your inner turmoil, you fail to realize and appreciate the beauty of life and the things around you.

If you lack a general interest in life, you have become a slave to your work.

You will never recognize your own value. With time you will become grumpy and disinterested.

There is also a risk that you may start feeling detached and even lack empathy.

Nothing but a mundane work pattern becomes the center of your life.

Work should never engulf you to such an extent that you fail to appreciate the quality of life.

What should you do?

You don’t have to be stuck in your dead-end job for eternity. If it is taking a toll on your overall life, it’s time to quit!

Don’t push yourselves too hard that you would want to jump off the cliff on your own.

Identify the sources of stress,

It could be the work environment, your colleagues, or your boss. You can’t change those things but you can always go find something better. Look for a job where you will feel valued.

If it's your own mentality and if you are overtaking stress, then you should seek help! Go for therapy sessions. Learn to have a positive outlook for life.

Take a break! Go for that much-awaited vacation! Rejuvenate yourself and focus on rediscovering your worth.

If you are not enjoying the kind of work you do, look out for alternative options. Don’t fear judgment or failure. There are plenty of career options to choose from. You can even start something of your own and unleash your true potential.

Now is the time! Stop wasting your life! Divert your energy to do something worthwhile!

Do more of what you love!

Live a life with no regrets!

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