Ways to find motivation after hitting a creative block

Don’t lie, I know we’ve all been there but now’s the time to push through it.


Phylicia Flynn

3 years ago | 3 min read

Seven months into a pandemic. Seven months of working from home and motivating yourself. Seven months of what feels like the same day over and over again (what day is it again?).

While we all know it’s been hard for extroverts, I feel like it’s equally been as hard for us creative types. Although I consider myself an introvert, I still find motivation off of other people’s energy.

The last few weeks have been hitting me the hardest. I feel like I’m at a block in motivation and in creativity. So how do I get over this? This is still a work in progress, as my motivation is not back at 100% just yet but here are 5 things that helped me get back on track.

Get the hardest (or most daunting) things done first

At the start of the week, I take inventory of the things I need to get done. There is always one or two items on the list I dread doing. I usually push them off all week and try to tackle everything else on my list.

But having those daunting items at the back of my mind all week has been a creativity killer. I can’t seem to fully focus on any of the other tasks because my mind is occupied with a bunch of dread from the inevitable.

So what’s the best solution? GET IT OUT OF THE WAY. Dedicate your Monday to getting those tasks off your plate so your mind can be free.

Work it out

Like for real, work it out. Exercise is a great stress relief, mood and energy booster. Schedule some form of exercise in every day. This is a nice way to also schedule a break from work and gives you something to look forward to.

A couple of weeks ago, I signed up for a kickboxing class and I haven’t stopped since. You can bring all your daily frustrations to the bag and leave them there. But find whatever workout aligns best with you and get to it!

Connect with others

This is so incredible important. Yes, even for you introverts. Sign up for a webinar and participate in the side chat. Grab a friend and do a work session together.

Hey, I even schedule work sessions with friends in other states. A simple phone call while you both work is great motivation. And you won’t be talking to yourself anymore; there’s somebody there to listen to your crazy thoughts.

Build up your support group! Everyone is in the same boat and I’m sure if you talk to a friend about how you’re hitting a roadblock, they’ll either understand or agree with you.

Change your scenery

Looking at your same four walls day after day is the quickest way to drain your creativity. Go find a new place to work, whether it be a coffee shop or even a public park

(wifi is everywhere these days). Just make sure you are following your state mandated COVID protocols :)

But this is also a reminder to keep exploring, even outside of work. Put down your laptop and go visit a museum you haven’t been to yet or throw on those hiking boots and get out there. Changing up your routine and seeing new things are all great sources of inspiration.

Schedule a day off

Now that the lines are blurred between work and home, it’s easy to let work cross some boundaries. But don’t let it. Schedule at least one day a week to not even touch your computer. We are humans. We are not robots. You mentally need that break.


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