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Website Design: Best Practices for 2022

A well-designed website creates more than a pleasing aesthetic. It can actually build a sense of trust for your brand! If you want to learn more, click here to read on!


Angela Ash

3 months ago | 3 min read


A good website design should provide a precise message to the visitor while also engaging them. Continuity, colors, font, graphics, minimalism and usability are all characteristics that lead to exemplary website design. A well-developed website may aid in the development of trust and urge visitors to act. It's critical to ensure that your website's layout is optimized for functionality (form and aesthetics) and simplicity of use in order to provide a favorable consumer experience (functionality).

We have brought the SIX most exquisite web design practices for 2022 to comply with your day-to-day web development.

1.       Minimalist navigation

2.       Explicit CTA’s

3.       Chatbot Integration

4.       Employing Illustrations

5.       Dark Mode

6.       Content Customization

Minimalist Navigation

Users might find a solution to a complicated problem or have access to a lot of beneficial information on your website. However, it should not be a hidden treasure. If your navigation and buttons are simple, users should be able to browse your material naturally.

Jay Soni MD of Yorkshire Fabric Shop adds that “If your website has only a few pages of content, you may only need a few navigation links. With more complex content, more extensive navigation may be necessary. Mega explanatory menus give a clear route for your users to discover the information they need when there is a lot of stuff accessible.”

Explicit CTAs

Customers are encouraged to take action via your calls-to-action (CTAs), such as purchasing your items, subscribing to your content, or arranging a call or appointment. Amar Vig, Managing Director at London-fs says that “ A huge, vividly colored CTA placed in a prominent position stands out right away. It's brilliantly colored and instantly recognizable. To enhance conversions, users can get started right away by inputting their email addresses.”

Consider Netflix as an example. The message allures customers with the guarantee of endless movies and TV episodes, so it's apparent what's being pitched. The messaging sets the tone for the audience to take action when the call to action is made. Moreover, Possible concerns are answered right away as subscribers can terminate their subscription at any moment.

Chatbot Integration

A further element that has been prevalent for a few years and will remain significant in 2022 is chatbots. “As artificial intelligence becomes more advanced, we anticipate chatbots to become the default for simple customer service inquiries and "end consumer" interactions,” adds Sudhir Khatwani, Founder and Editor of The Money Mongers.

He further mentions that “For instance, if a consumer comes to your website seeking phone help and the chatbot notices that a free phone upgrade is being offered, the customer will be notified so. It can deliver an excellent customer experience as well as lower the company's expenditure on customer service expenses correlated with communicating with a live individual.”

Employing Illustrations

When you're surfing the web, it might feel like you're seeing the same stock photo on a lot of different websites. It might make a website appear generic and uninteresting.

Custom graphics may help your website stand out and feel new to visitors. Because you'll be designing graphics from scratch, they'll be more accurate representations of your company and branding, as well as complement the page's content. "Web users have short attention spans, limited tolerance for text-heavy information, and prefer aesthetically attractive content. One of the most widely used web design best practices is utilizing graphic content," Daniel Carter, Marketing Specialist at, elaborates.

Dark Mode

Web pages in dark mode serve a range of purposes. On the clinical aspect, they assist to minimize eye strain, which is a surging worry as we spend more time staring at screens. On the visual glance, dark mode gives your website a modern watch while also letting you emphasize other layout elements by shading the entities around it.

“Dark backgrounds, especially when mixed with brilliant colors and eye-catching images, can give web design a professional, opulent, and occasionally intriguing sense,” says Shad Elia, CEO of  New England Home Buyers. Darker backgrounds may act as a dynamic canvas, drawing users' attention to specific design and text components. Moreover, dark theme design works well with companies that use bright color palettes and may provide a spectacular canvas through which to communicate your brand's narrative.

Content Customization

Most modern websites, unambiguously, trace our browser history and determine location. Innovative web companies, on the other hand, urge their clients to employ interactive content such as information that is based on prior user behavior or what we know about a user. Custom content generated for people who are returning to your website for the second or third time will help you convert more customers.

According to Dustin Porreca, SEO Manager at Elevate Demand “For e-commerce website operators, personalized content is more vital. Improved conversions can be achieved by highlighting recently seen, saved, or loved goods for online customers. Returning clients should be reminded of the contents of their abandoned carts in order to maintain a greater conversion rate.”



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