What’s the Difference Between a Matchmaker & a Dating Coach?

Ask yourself, “Do I need help finding dates, navigating dates, or both?” Your answer will lead you to the correct decision of which one to work with. The matchmaker, the dating coach, or both.


Dennise Heckman

2 years ago | 2 min read

Meeting your partner in today’s environment isn’t easy. Obstacles
abound, and many singles have left their love lives in the technological hands
of dating apps. Dating platforms have proven to consume loads of time, be difficult to navigate, and make it nearly impossible to screen potential partners. This is not to say that some people haven’t met their spouses on the dating apps. But for most of us, that’s a long shot.

So, what’s a single person to do?

Sit around and wait for her/him to show up at your doorstep?

Find someone to help you find relationship success?


the Matchmaker and the Dating coach.

But wait a minute. You thought they were one and the same?

It’s true that both matchmakers and dating coaches want the
same result for you, a significant relationship. But the ways in which they
each hep you reach your goal, are utterly different.

The Matchmaker

Matchmaking has been around for centuries and exists to
serve a specific purpose; find potential matches for their clients.

  • Searches for potential matches.
  • Recruits potential matches
  • Screens potential matches.
  • Presents potential matches.
  • Sets up dates with potential matches.
  • Offers feedback after dates with potential matches.

Just like outsourcing anything in life, hiring a matchmaker
is a huge timesaver. Unlike dating apps, matchmakers provide 100%
confidentiality. For this reason, they are a great option for daters who prefer
keeping their image and stats private. Lastly, a good matchmaker will offer
neutral advice and let you know when your match criteria is unrealistic.

The Dating Coach

Like sports coaches, dating coaches teach you how to bring
your “A” game.
Dating coaches,

  • Help you focus on your goal- relationship success.
  • Encourage you to do your best on a date.
  • Be sure you commit to finding your “person”.
  • Mentor newly single people that have been out of the dating
    “pool” for a long time.
  • Guide you on how to navigate a date.

Just like hiring a personal trainer at the gym, working with
a dating coach is a game changer. A dating coach will help you figure out what
you’re doing to turn dates “off” and when you’re blowing your chances for a
lasting relationship. Whether you are a self-described “picky” dater, or have a
“bad picker”, a dating coach will set up mock dates for you, be your image and
profile consultant and work with you on confidence building skills.

Here's the best news… many matchmakers are also certified dating coaches and vice versa.

So, ask yourself,

“Do I need help finding dates,navigating dates, or both?”

Your answer will lead you to the correct decision of which one to work with.

The matchmaker, the dating coach, or both.


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