WhatsApp Proxy Address Filled In What and How is it Setting?

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As we know if WhatsApp launches its new feature, where anyone can even if they don't have an internet quota, the feature is a WhatsApp proxy. Even though this feature appeared a few days ago, until now there are still many who don't understand how to use and set up this WhatsApp proxy. 

Especially for what proxy address from whatsapp is filled in. Well, before we discuss what whatsapp proxy address is filled in, at least we must understand if this feature is indeed important, but it is intended mainly for emergencies.

"We provide people with the ability to maintain access to WhatsApp if their connection is blocked or disrupted," WhatsApp said on its official blog, quoted monday (9/1/2023). 

For WhatsApp users who want to take advantage of this feature is to set up WhatsApp Proxy using the available servers. 

However it depends on the scenario where the user's location is using a proxy yes. 

Here are the servers available for WhatsApp Proxy Port Basic  80: Standard web traffic (HTTP) 443: Standard, encrypted web traffic (HTTPS) 5222: Jabber protocol traffic (default WhatsApp) Configuration Port To Accept Inbound Proxy Headers (version 1 or 2) On Connections8080: Standard web traffic (HTTP) with PROXY protocol expected8443: Standard web traffic, encrypted (HTTPS) with PROXY protocol expected 8222: Traffic of Jabber protocol (default WhatsApp) with PROXY protocol expected

How to Set WhatsApp Proxy

Before setting the whatsapp proxy, don't forget to make sure if you have used the latest version of the WA application. Well, if it's the latest, here are the steps by step for the settings. 

1. Open WhatsApp 2. On the Chat tab, select More Options > Settings 3. Storage and Data Tab > Proxy 4. Select Use a Proxy 5. Next, select the Set proxy menu and enter the proxy address 6. Finally, select "Save". After that a tick will appear when the connection is successful. 

In this case, the user may have problems sending or receiving messages, and if this happens, the proxy may already be blocked.

How to Set WhatsApp Proxy on Android and iPhone, Can Chat Without Internet!

WhatsApp proxy settings are indeed trending at the moment, this is due to a policy from Meta that makes access for WhatsApp users to be able to connect to the proxy server. 

By utilizing the WhatsApp proxy, users can chat even though they don't have a quota or the internet is not good or can be said to be crashing. Then how do you set up this WhatsApp proxy? How to set up a WhatsApp proxy is arguably easy and difficult, but it doesn't need to be worried, because here are the steps by step setting a WhatsApp proxy for Android and IOS or iPhone phones. 

How to set up WhatsApp proxy for iPhone or iOS cellphone 

1. Open WhatsApp Settings. 2. Tap Storage and data > Proxy. 3. Tap Use proxy. 4. Enter the proxy address and then tap Save to connect to it. 5. A check mark will appear if the connection is successful. 

How to set up WhatsApp proxy for Android phones 

1. In the Chat tab, tap More options > Settings. 2. Tap Storage and data > Proxy. 3. Tap Use proxy. 4. Tap Set proxy and enter the proxy address. 5. Tap Save. 6. A check mark will appear if the connection is successful. 

Is this WhatsApp proxy safe? Even though it uses a proxy, WhatsApp still prioritizes a high level of security, which still applies end to end encryption. So the message in essence will only be between user 1 and other users who are being communicated using whatsapp. 

The messages sent will not be visible to other people, even proxy servers, WhatsApp or Meta. 

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