When Blogging Gets Scary

If you blog for your personal brand or someone else's it can get scary. Just keep going...


Sahail Ashraf

3 years ago | 2 min read

If you are a blogger it can get quite scary if you’re just not delivering results.

It can feel like you’re in Blogging Hell. You have no audience, and your position is feeling decidedly shaky.

It may not seem like your fault that you’re in Blogging Hell. You may have tried your hardest to create posts that are exciting and memorable, not to mention ‘on message’. You may even have slaved away into the night to create a series of blog posts that you were certain would bring the blog some of that much-needed ‘authority’.

All to no avail. No one is listening, and no one cares.

Don’t give up. Think carefully about tackling the following three areas, and pretty soon you’ll have a blog that is found and engaged with. Don’t forget that blogging is one of the best ways to create an audience and to engage with that audience. Not to mention it’s good for making your brand grow.

Keep your word count sensible

Don’t go for huge blog posts that bore readers to tears. It used to be fashionable to create blog content that was ‘long-form’ (i.e. 1000 words and more). That has now died a horrible death. People don’t want this anymore. They want short and snappy. Keep it to a maximum of 550 words (or less, like this one) and you have readability. Any more than that and you have certain blog death.

Don’t do too much

There is a ton of bloggers out there right now who seem to think that they have to publish daily. By all means, if you’re the most interesting and engaging person in your field, do it every day. But if you’re not, keep it simple and blog a couple of times a week. Publish great stuff, but if you can’t do that every day, don’t go crazy over it. People will expect great content every day, and that is something only a highly qualified team can do.

Don’t be boring

If you hate your topic, stop writing. Stop right away. People can smell stale stuff, and if you’re obviously not interested in what you’re writing about, it will show. Get interested again if you have to by talking to clients and asking them what they want to see. Look at other topics and relate them to yours. Or curate content.

Go, create

Blogging should be fun and it should be easy. Keep it short, consistent and engaging, and you should be fine.


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