When to do tooth extraction and what to expect from it?

If the root canal procedure does not work for you, contact your dentist at Pathways Dental Clinic to get your tooth pulled away professionally.



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The term tooth extraction can be very intimidating to some people. However, when you actually need to have your tooth extracted, the procedure can be rather smooth than what you imagined. Tooth extractions can prevent infection and tooth decay, so you can achieve a proper bite without any discomfort. Calgary tooth extractions can also be a helpful procedure for aligning teeth, so it allows other teeth to grow and stay healthy.

When the tooth or its root is no longer stable, that should be removed. If you keep it for a long time, it can lead to a lot of pain, causing abscesses, gum disease and a lot more health issues in the future. There could be many other reasons why your tooth may require extraction to go through the procedure easily. Let's get to know when you should be considering tooth extraction.

Why might you need a tooth extraction?

When the teeth are non-restorable, tooth extraction procedures are commonly carried out as it would be the best possible solution to avoid other health risks. The go-to dental solution for removing tooth decay is tooth extractions in Calgary. A decaying tooth can cause bad breath and lead to experiencing shooting pains frequently. Since keeping a decaying tooth can promote the development of bacteria and other microorganisms feeding onto other nearby teeth, tooth extraction is the best option for eradicating the cavity issue from the root.

Tooth extraction can also be a great solution for getting rid of periodontal disease or dental trauma to get rid of extreme toothache. Many times it is not a tooth experiencing trauma that needs to be removed, for instance, wisdom teeth. Most often, wisdom teeth are unable to grow normally in the teeth line because of limited space that leaves you to go through Calgary tooth extractions. Improper growth of wisdom teeth can surely result in chronic gum infections, excruciating toothache, gum swelling, and throbbing cheeks.

Besides wisdom teeth, your teeth can grow naturally crowded for many reasons. Although the teeth are in good condition, they need to be extracted to create space for other teeth to get straightened properly. Usually, the bicuspids go through tooth extractions in Calgary. Your dentist can do a 3D-modeling scan to help determine which tooth extraction would be most useful for you.

Saving a tooth is always preferred. However, sometimes tooth extraction can often be the last viable option. So, when it's necessary for you to keep your overall oral condition healthy through tooth extraction, do it to save your gum line from extreme pain and other teeth. If the root canal procedure does not work for you, contact your dentist at Pathways Dental Clinic to get your tooth pulled away professionally.

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