Who’s At Fault? Dangerous Roads Leading to Tractor Trailer Accidents



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According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, well over 500,000 tractor-trailers are involved in accidents each year. These accidents cause almost 5,000 deaths annually and do billions of dollars worth of damage.

Tractor-trailer accidents can occur for any number of reasons. In some cases, passenger cars cut trucks off and don't give them enough time to stop, thus resulting in truck accidents. In other instances, tractor-trailer drivers fall asleep at the wheel or get distracted while driving and crash into passenger cars.

Dangerous roads are also to blame for many of the tractor-trailer accidents that take place every year. But it can be difficult to pinpoint who is at fault for these accidents that happen due to dangerous conditions.

Today, we're going to discuss who could be at fault for truck accidents that go down on dangerous roads. Continue reading to find out.

Truck Driver

Whether truck accidents take place on clear roads or dangerous roads, truck drivers will almost always be the first ones blamed. This is because, as truck drivers, they are required to take all the proper precautions when it comes to keeping themselves and others safe.

Tractor trailers are among the largest vehicles out on the road today. As a result, truck drivers are expected to work as hard as they can to keep everyone safe, even when they're on dangerous roads.

With this in mind, police officers will usually speak with truckers about what was happening just before they got into accidents on dangerous roads. If they weren't driving slowly, signaling correctly, and staying alert, they could be the ones found to be at fault for these accidents.

If you were involved in a truck accident and you believe a trucker was to blame for it, you should find a truck accident lawyer to handle your case right away.

Other Driver or Drivers

Truck drivers are often found to be at fault in the aftermath of truck accidents, especially when they take place on dangerous roads. But there is also a chance that the other driver or drivers involved in these accidents could also be to blame for them.

There are many times when drivers in passenger cars won't leave enough distance between themselves and tractor-trailers. By doing this, they sometimes put truckers into tough spots as they don't always have enough time to stop or swerve to avoid hitting passenger cars.

It's worth noting that truck drivers aren't able to bring their trucks to a stop anywhere close to as quickly as the drivers of passenger cars can stop their vehicles. So if a driver is found to have put a trucker in an impossible spot by not leaving them enough time to stop prior to an accident, the driver of the car could be at-fault.

Truck Company

There are some truck drivers who work for themselves. They don't have to report to a larger truck company that is technically their employer.

But there are also thousands of truck companies scattered throughout the country that hire truck drivers and train them accordingly. If a truck driver is ever involved in an accident, and it's even partly because of a lack of training, a truck company could be at-fault for it.

In this case, a truck driver will usually have to file a complaint against their truck company and prove that a lack of training caused a crash. It can be a little bit of a longshot case. But if a trucker truly believes their truck company should be to blame for a crash, they won't hesitate to go to war with them.

Truck Manufacturer

Following truck accidents on dangerous roads, truck companies will often launch investigations into what happened. They'll do it in part to see if their truck driver was really to blame for the accident.

But they'll also do it because there is a chance that the manufacturer of a driver's truck could be at-fault to some degree. Some trucks will malfunction on dangerous roads due to faulty parts and cause accidents that could have otherwise been avoided.

It's pretty rare for truck companies to blame truck manufacturers for truck accidents. But it's not entirely impossible for this scenario to play out.

No One

There is just about always going to be someone who is at fault for an accident, especially when it comes to truck accidents. A truck doesn't just run into another vehicle or something else for no reason.

But every now and then, there will be truck accidents where no one will be at-fault in a legal sense. For example, if a truck driver has a medical emergency while driving a truck and gets into an accident, it may be determined that no one was to blame for it.

These types of truck accidents are few and far between. But they do happen every so often because of how many trucks are out on the road all the time.

Anyone Could Be to Blame for Truck Accidents on Dangerous Roads

It would be very difficult for us to sit here and say that any one group of people is always at-fault for truck accidents on dangerous roads. It doesn't quite work like that.

After truck accidents occur, investigations must be carried out to see who is to blame for them. Every situation is different, and dangerous roads cause even more complications when it comes to determining blame.

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