Why the biotech startups might just start becoming the next big thing?

Biotech business is waiting to explode in a big way. All other forms of technology which were needed to unravel life sciences and healthcare


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Biotech business is waiting to explode in a big way. All other forms of
technology which were needed to unravel life sciences and healthcare were
still developing a few years back. An enormous amount of data generation,
analysis & execution needs to be done for handling living beings. Just
to give you an idea consider below facts.

The length of total DNA per cell for humans is about 2.17m. We know
that human beings have a total of 13 trillion cells in our body. So,
when multiplying 13 trillion cells with 2.17m, the distance is interpreted
or converted in terms of the distance between earth and moon and becomes
two times the distance from the earth to moon or back and forth. Now imagine we have to work on DNA of 7 billion people on this earth in future and store that data. This data is going to be base for treating, diagnosing,
feeding human population in coming times.

The global biotechnology market [1] is expected to reach USD 727.1
billion by 2025, according to a recent report by Grand View Research,
Inc. The emergence of certain key themes in the biotechnology market is
expected to drive growth in this industry to a lucrative extent.

These key themes include regenerative medicine and genetics in
diagnostics. Presence of a plethora of companies focusing on the
development of regenerative therapies is anticipated to drive sector
growth through to 2025. Technological advancements pertaining to the
penetration of artificial intelligence in this industry is expected to
fuel progress with potential avenues. The companies are engaged in
unleashing machine learning in order to understand individual cancer
cases while recommending clinical trials.

All of us start our life from a single cell. Now imagine if that cell
kept dividing mindlessly. In that case, we would have become a heap of
cells or a big football. But that does not happen. Have you ever thought about

Just think why human’s kids are humans only and not a monkey!!
The answer lies in the DNA which is mastermind or blueprint of life. It
controls every single activity be it directly or indirectly to create
such a beautiful life and this universe. That also shows how much
potential, information and business this molecule holds. India is
already the fastest growing nation in eCommerce business due to its
the sheer size of the population and its consumption.

Same will naturally become true for biotech enterprises as they need to cater to this vast
population for DNA sequencing, data analysis and storage, medicine,
health, diagnostic, nutrition, infant care, gene therapy, stem cell
approach etc.

Earth has more than 7 billion people and every individual is different
from others. Everyone’s DNA is different than the other’s. Now these
7 billion people will create so much information and data which will
keep the world’s best supercomputers and quantum computers once ready to
become busy for processing such gigantic data and make commercial use of
it. In this time of machine learning and artificial intelligence,
an enormous amount of data gets generated,  processed and sent to machines
for learning which becomes part of an algorithm and moves a step forward
for eternity.

Consider all Tesla motor cars once learn while driving on
autopilot generate data and then share with all Tesla cars of the world
to manoeuvre across new types of sharp bends. Once one car learns it for
the first time it transmits learning to all other Tesla cars around the
globe so that they all use that learning.

Now consider this, when data of all these 7 billion human beings
regarding diseases, energy consumption, ageing, growth, eye colour,
immune disorders, movement of biomolecules within the cells and their
remedies get transmitted to cloud and satellite and get updated on
seamless basis. That learning will become a precursor to improving human
lives through the point of care diagnosis, gene therapy, bioengineering,
bioinformatics. The human genome project is one such example.

Indian government has recently joined the world by announcing DNA sequencing of
10000 Indians which then will be expanded further. With Biology and
information research blending with each other, there is bound to be next
big data analysis and healthcare companies emerging on the scene.
Complex problems of biology will create huge companies. This is one of
the reasons why all big companies including Google, Apple, Microsoft, GE etc
are spending billions of dollars to address this space. Body and machine will fuse into a complex man-machine interface to create better
solutions which will be handy for one and all on this earth. To cater to
such areas and opportunities, there are bound to be several startups who
will be needed at various stages of this massive transition.

Every individual on this earth will have his DNA sequence decoded and
data will lie in cloud/satellite forever with a unique id. So next time
he has some problem or ailment, he will just share his unique id and
algorithms will decide the best drug, exercise or therapy for him. Same will
hold true for athletes planning for events, students & what not !!

Indian biotech space is growing at a compounded annual growth of 32% as
per the latest reports and trend will accelerate in future. Life science
research, diagnostics, healthcare & pharma is around 20 billion dollars
plus industry in India and with 1.3 billion-plus population, you will
see how it explodes in the coming time. You will stop getting general
fever medicines, visit hospitals for testing & medicine rather they
will reach your doorsteps to make it convenient and userfriendly
interface. Best doctors and bioengineers of the world will test you
through your mobile, get your samples picked up, DNA/RNA sequenced,
proteins profiled and then sending your medicine at your doorsteps in
the perfectly engineered pouches along with labels.

Global Biotechnology Market by Application (Biopharmacy, Bioservices,
Bio Agri, Bioindustrial), by Technology (Fermentation, Tissue
Regeneration, PCR, Nanobiotechnology, DNA Sequencing & Others)

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While the 1900s will be reminisced by industrial historians as ‘the
Information Technology Era’ and also the ‘Advanced Physics Era’,
the 2000s might be manifest by many as the ‘Biotechnology Era’. This
is due to rapid developments in biotechnology that will entirely
transform numerous aspects of life in imminent decades.


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