This Is Why Your Business Needs A Copywriter

If you don’t want to fail long-term.


Zhenya Zerkalenkov

3 years ago | 3 min read

Copywriting equals sales.

Yes, this is the first thing that you want and need to hear because it will open your mind to what will follow and is even more important.

What, something is more important for my business than getting sales? You bet there is!

But why does Copywriting equal sales in the first place? Because there is a battle for attention and with Copywriting you can win this battle.

Copywriting is writing the words that sell products and services.

Let’s take emails as an example. Contrary to popular belief nobody opens their emails hoping to read your advertisement so that they can buy something. Or do you love opening those ad emails?

You or your employee are writing your emails because you want your readers’ money. You want them to buy your stuff and earn from that.

But your readers open an email because they want to read something funny, inspiring, or some gossip or a story from a friend. The last thing that they want is your ad that tries to sell them something.

So, how do you win this battle for attention and get your sales?

Get on the same page with them.

Talk about something that matters to them. Link the message that you have in your email, social media, or anywhere else to a desire that the reader already has. Lead them with this desire to buy your product.

Start with STOPPING to write ads that look like ads. Nobody will read that. I know it, deep inside yourself you also know it, and everybody around us knows it. So, why not making use of this knowledge?

Make it look like it’s something from a friend. Do you often get emails from your friends with red banners that say “20% off” and have countdown timers, or call to actions that say “BUY NOW”?

If you can understand what your customers are desperately searching for and offer it to them in a compelling way, you won. That’s exactly what we Copywriters do. We convert desires that a potential customer has into compelling copy.

We tap into their minds.

We feel their pain.

And we solve their problems.

Copywriting Creates True Fans

Now, that whole last part sounds sleazy. As if Copywriters were some evil beings who manipulate people so that these people do and buy everything they want.

But Copywriting is far more than that.

Sure, you can abuse Copywriting but in the long run people will notice it and move away from you. They will even hate you and tell everybody their bad experience with you. Don’t abuse Copywriting. Nobody likes to be manipulated and abused. Besides that, evil never wins, so let’s take a look at the good side of the Force.

We all want relationships.

Have you ever read a book, heard a song, watched a video, or received an email that was speaking directly to you?

It’s life-changing. You never forget that kind of experience. Perhaps you’re recalling such an experience right now and thinking about what an amazing experience that was for you back then.

So, here’s the thing. You always speak about YOUR sales and about how amazing YOU are and how awesome YOUR PRODUCT is. But here’s the truth: People (and customers) don’t care about your “amazing” product features. They also don’t care about you.

They care if you care.

They care if they can trust you.

They care if you can help them solve their pain.

And it goes even deeper if you want customers to stay with you forever. If you want to be like an Apple or a Google.

Do you know what Jesus, Blizzard Entertainment, and Star Wars have in common?

They have true fans. Superfans. Call them what you want but these are the people who trust, believe, and do everything for them.


Why? Because they’ve told stories and created a world with which people could resonate. They’ve forged a relationship. And not only a relationship. They’ve created an incredibly strong bond between them and the people who listened to them.

A Copywriter does what you can’t but need.

We know how to tell the story they want to hear.

We know how to show that you deeply understand and care for them.

Yes, we know how to forge this bond with your audience.

We Copywriters build true fans who stay with you forever and promote your business because they genuinely love it.

This is why you need a Copywriter for your business if you don’t want to fail.


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