Why You Should Choose Freelancing As a Career?

And what freelancing has to offer


Vagisha Arora

3 years ago | 3 min read

Writing liberates me in ways nothing else can!

If I were to sum up my freelancing journey, it will be a perfect blend of two words i.e “flexibility” and “independence”.

Before switching to full-time freelancing, I was working with Accenture as a Content Analyst. And after working for about 2 years in the corporate culture, I realized that I needed to start something of my own.

Well, it was not easy but it was my cup of tea. The questions wandering my mind were:-

1. How will I convince my parents?

2. What will people around me think about my career choices?

3. Will I be accepted as a part of this society that follows the stereotypical professional hierarchy?

And the list was never-ending

I was trying to convince myself as to whether I really need to follow the voice of my heart and take a chance. And as I drowned even more in this whirlpool of anxiousness, I realized that I needed to give it a shot than diving deep into the world of uncertainties.

It took me a few days to finally make up my mind and take a calculated risk. I already had a few clients whom I could trust for long-term work and finally, I decided to go for this roller coaster ride.

Here is what freelancing has been for me since then. It has been a fulfilling year of living my passion every single day. If you are wondering as to what freelancing has to offer you, then here is the curated list :

Opportunities to explore your creativity at its best :

This tops the list for me as I love to try out different writing styles and genres. While I was stuck in a 9-5 restrictive environment, I was doing a bunch of mundane tasks every day. It turned out to be monotonous but I had no choice.

As a freelancer, I could actually explore myself in doing blogs, website content, social media content, e-books, etc. I have the liberty to pick and choose the type of projects I am passionate about. This definitely is a win-win for the freelancer and the client.

Flexible Working Hours :

Nothing can be better than working according to your own set of timelines and deadlines. This is one of the best parts of freelancing. You are your own boss and have the flexibility to schedule your own work hours.

You don’t have to be at your desk racking your brain if creative juices are not flowing. As long as you can deliver the work on time, no one will be nudging you to work. It is definitely relieving to be handling things on your own without any external interference from anyone.

And, the best part? Well, you get an ample amount of time at your disposal to socialize with your family and friends. You don’t have to wait for a weekend to relax and sleep. No permission required from taking a break from work. Isn’t that amazing?

You can enjoy some time with yourself without feeling guilty.

Work From Anywhere :

Becoming a freelancer is a blessing if you are a wanderer and love to visit places around. Going to a co-working space is not a compulsion if you don’t feel like it. You can operate from your backyard or a café for a change.

Well, these changes for good are definitely a boost to your creativity especially when you love to travel. Trust me, cubicles suck when you are stuck in a 9-5 job schedule.

Opportunity To Earn More :

Well, financial independence can be a dealbreaker for many of you as a freelancer. You can earn 10x more by actually taking up projects you love. Every day can be a happy day if you have a proper payment channel in place for your clients.

This keeps you sorted and managing your financials becomes pretty easy. After all, you don’t have to wait for month end salary.

Multi-Faceted Exposure :

Being a one-man army makes you more confident about everything you do. As a freelancer your role is not just restricted to doing your job well; but also attending client calls, preparing invoices, sending proposals, etc.

You tend to learn a lot in the process and time management becomes the most indispensable element.

Becoming a freelancer is not as easy as it might sound, but it is worth it. If you are willing to take risks, then you will be overwhelmed with what you experience in this journey.

Carve your own path and that is what will make you stand out as a freelancer.


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Vagisha Arora

I was Featured In Top 10 Content Writers of India in 2019. With an experience of over 5 years, I have completed 1000+ projects related to content writing and marketing. Apart from that, I have also conducted webinars and seminars with renowned institutions like Chitkara University, SRCC, Fuzia,etc.







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