Why should you create ERC20 Tokens for Crypto Fundraising?

ERC20 is a standard used for creating Ethereum-based tokens and issuing smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain.


Melinda Richards

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According to a survey conducted by Deutsche Bank, digital currency usage will hit 200 million by 2030. The fast growth of cryptocurrency creates more confidence in the business community. Many business people are thinking about starting a new business. Business people who own crypto tokens make their dreams possible easily by means of crypto fundraising. Especially, the holders of ERC20 tokens are way nearer to the world of opportunity. They know that fundraising through crypto tokens is way better than seeking a loan from the bank. Are you one among having an idea of starting a new business through crypto fundraising? If yes, then you are here in aright place. Let’s look into the significance of ERC20 tokens development in crypto fundraising.    

ERC20 - Ethereum Request Comment 20 is nothing but a token standard; tokens developed based on this token standard are known as the ERC20 tokens. You are aware that most of the crypto tokens including ERC20 are based on the Ethereum blockchain. Because Ethereum is a decentralized blockchain supported by smart contracts to reduce the risk of manipulation. And so, the market value of these ERC20 tokens is always higher than the other tokens. Thus, having such a valuable token in your hands is equal to owning enough funds for your business investments. 

ERC20 tokens are fungible tokens; like crypto coins, they can be used for various purposes like trading and fundraising, and so on. Nowadays, business communities are familiar with the benefits of Ethereum blockchain-based tokens. Particularly, they accept the need for creating ERC20 tokens in the ICO (Initial Coin Offering) method of crypto fundraising. Anyone who needs funds for their business creation or development can sell their tokens for raising funds using the ICO method. So, having a global market presence, ERC20 token development will yield you profit more than the need.

As said earlier, ERC20 tokens are supported by smart contract programs that eliminate the need for third-party interference. Its higher security and accountable transaction speed draw more crypto investors' attractions. Hence, the crypto marketplace always has a huge demand for ERC20 tokens. In the view of crypto investors, the following are the most prominent features of ERC20 tokens.

  • Market Presence: ERC20 is one of the known oldest tokens available in the market since 2015. It is also a basement for the creation of other tokens. So, it has a larger amount of market audience. It is a known fact that people are always willing to invest in a widely available asset like ERC20. So, the value of the ERC20 token will stand for a lot more years than other tokens.  
  • The cost of generation: You are aware that, ERC20 is an Ethereum blockchain-based token. Developers could feel comfortable developing the ERC20 tokens. Keeping it in consideration, the developmental cost of ERC20 tokens is always minimal. As a result, you may save a little more from the cost of ERC20 token development.
  • User-friendly: The ERC20 tokens can be transferable over all the tokens. It is also compliant with the Dapps as it is a decentralized one. The main advantage of decentralized networks is neglecting third-party interference. So, users like you can handle the tokens effortlessly.
  • Smart contract: Smart contract is a transactional protocol that executes actions automatically in a secure manner. It is a known fact that smart contracts are almost unbreakable. As these ERC20 tokens have inbuilt smart contract functionalities, the transactions are considered to be more secure and fast than other crypto tokens.
  • Trustworthy: Increased demand not only means to profit gaining. It is the meaning of belief. ERC20 tokens are the first choice among investors because of their increasing market demand. So, it is confirmed that there is a criterion of trust functional for the ERC20 token development in the marketplace that leads to more investment from buyers. 
  • Wallet Support: Currently, most of the market wallets support ERC20 tokens. By the way, you can store, transfer and receive these ERC20 tokens without any problem.  

So, considering the benefits, creating ERC20 tokens will be a valid option for you. This ERC20 token development will not only solves your financial needs but will be a reliable and growing investment for your better future.

Being a startup or an entrepreneur, you should know the values behind every investment you made. So, it is the right time for the business people like you to create ERC20 tokens for fundraising. In the meantime, it is advisable to choose the correct token that yields more profit for your need. 

So what else? Are you looking for an authentic ERC20 token development company? Be aware that, there are plenty of crypto token development companies around the globe. It is essential that the company you choose should be expertise in ERC20 token development and should offer friendly support to their clients consistently. I personally recommend you Zab Technologies, which is one of the prominent and trustworthy token development company having highly skilled developers for ERC20 token development. I wish you successful crypto fundraising with ERC20 token development.


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