Why do Customers leave the Website without Making a Purchase?

Is Your Website Losing Potential Customers? Is this one of your concerns as well? Here are five easy


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A question that keeps lingering with online product owners - Why do the customers leave without buying from the website? Sometimes, the items go to the cart but remain there without being checked-out.

There might be more than one reason for customers to leave a website without making a purchase. Sometimes, a lot of people come just to browse through without the intention of buying anything.

But, they are just a handful of people. What could be the plausible reasons for targeted customers to leave the website without buying anything? The answer is below by wild ads

Complex Site Navigation

In the fast run era, where everything is made readily available, people do not have time or patience. They want everything on the move. And, at times like this, if your website has poor navigation testing the customer's patience, they will immediately opt out of the page.

It is always important to have a good, structured eCommerce site with easy navigation and checkout process. Simple and meaningful is the key here.

Costly Products

Not just your quality, but your pricing matters as well. If a competitor could sell a product with the same features and quality at a price lower than yours, people will choose them over you. Ensure to have a budget-friendly product without compromising the quality of the product.

In this digitization era, every piece of information is easily accessible. Hence, it is not that easy to not be compared to your competitor.

Customer Ratings and Feedbacks

New customers trust the feedback of the existing customers than what is described on the website. Always ensure to stand on the good books of the customers. A good customer rating and feedback can help gain more customers.

A set of good ratings is a path for new customers to your website. Again, this component is comparable as well. The customers compare the ratings of several products to finalize on one.

Time Consuming Registration Process

Most of the customers, add the products to the basket and will be ready to pay. That is when the website pops out the registration form. This form containing a few fill-ups makes the customers lose interest in the product. Also, a few people are not open to deliberately providing personal data.

Easy registration with less complexity can be an aid to this situation.

Extra Shipping Cost

A lot of people who purchase online would like to pay only for the product and expect the shipping to be free. Sometimes, the customer is not notified until before the checkout about the extra shipping fare. This makes the customer either choose a retail market or another site with free shipping over your product.

Ensure to add the shipping expense as part of the product price and do not provide it separately. Or, at least intimate the extra shipping cost beforehand.

These are just a few hand-picked reasons for customers not making purchases on your website. There could be various other reasons for your website losing potential customers. Learn the specifications of what is stopping the customers from making a purchase through their activities on your website. Ensure to upgrade your site based on the feedback to get your product out of those checkout carts.

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