Why Enterprises Should Consider PHP for Web Development in 2023

Planning to develop a custom web app solution? If so, you should consider PHP for web development. This open-source scripting language is designed for building dynamic and interactive web solutions. Hire PHP programmers to build web solutions tailored to your business requirements.



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After digital disruption, the number of websites getting launched is surging every day. Companies have shifted from static to dynamic websites, and PHP has made it possible for them to create such dynamic websites. PHP, a backend scripting language, offers a range of advantages, which is why it is extensively used for developing interactive websites.

Enterprises can hire PHP developers to launch complex and feature-rich business websites. Overall, PHP development services are more extensively considered by organizations than other programming services and developers find comfortable scripting with it.

Understanding PHP Language

PHP, also known as Hypertext Preprocessor is a standard server-side programming language, which means that the applications written on it run on web servers and do not rely on the web browser. It is one of the core web technologies utilized in the web development world.  The recent version of this language is PHP v8.2. According to a recent survey, around 82% of websites launched across the internet are built using PHP. PHP offers exceptional features and various functions that allow enterprises to develop feature-rich and database-driven websites.

Why PHP is Predominant

The key reason behind massive PHP adoption is due to its OOP (Object-Oriented Programming) functionality, which offers a whole new set of capabilities. Though PHP was initially used to build dynamic webpages, developers currently prefer this scripting language for developing complex, reusable web applications. 

Another important reason for PHP’s popularity is its built-in flexibility. PHP offers the excellent capability to combine with other programming technologies. For instance, developers can write extensions to PHP through the C language, which enables even more functionality. Besides, PHP offers a large number of available frameworks and libraries that extend its popularity even further. Some examples of such frameworks are listed below. 

Best PHP Frameworks for Web Development

  • Symfony - Symfony is also an MVC-based PHP framework known to follow web standards. This framework is the ideal choice for creating large-scale enterprise projects. Symfony is stable, complies with most web design patterns and best practices, and supports integration with other libraries.
  • Laravel - Laravel is the most popular, open-source PHP framework available for developers. It is suitable for web application development. Since it can handle complex backend requirements (small or large) at a considerably faster speed than other frameworks. Besides, Laravel facilitates the development process by simplifying common tasks like caching, routing, sessions, and authentication. Deploying Laravel has been made easier through a pre-built, all-in-one development environment called “Homestead”.
  • CodeIgniter - This PHP framework is suitable for creating dynamic websites. It provides numerous pre-packed modules that help with fabricating robust and reusable components. Because of its simple setup process and highly exemplified documentation, the CodeIgniter framework is ideal for beginners. Other key features of CodeIgniter include inbuilt security tools, MVC architecture, superior error handling, and simple and excellent documentation.
  • Yii - The Yii (Yes, it, is) framework is, in fact, a simple and evolutionary PHP framework. It’s a component-based, high-performance PHP framework for creating modern web applications. Yii has an effortless installation process. Moreover, its robust security features make the framework appropriate for highly secure projects such as CMS development, e-commerce, enterprise portals, online forums, and many others.

Businesses can hire PHP programmers from the right development services provider. Based on the requirements, programmers can utilize the appropriate framework and build comprehensive PHP solutions.

Reasons to Use PHP for Web Development

Easy Learning Curve

Many reference manuals, tutorials, and other materials are available on the internet, which simplifies the development and also supports developers with code or source of inspiration during complex scenarios. These materials are also helpful for beginners making the learning process easier. As stated before, learning PHP is relatively easy than learning Python, which further adds to its popularity.

Rapid Loading

The use of PHP scripting language makes webpages load faster as compared to other web development languages. For instance, currently, PHP offers four times faster loading than Python for most circumstances. Fast loading time is an important SEO ranking parameter that helps further promote a webpage by bringing competitive advantages. Moreover, a fast-loading business website keeps customers satisfied and helps organizations to develop and maintain their client base.

Wide Choice of Databases

PHP allows users to connect to almost any form of a database. The most preferred choice is MySQL, as it is free, effective, and standard among developers. Other preferences of database management systems compatible with PHP include MS-SQL, Mini SQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite, etc. Moreover, PHP can be equally used with other non-relational databases like Redis, ElasticSearch, MongoDB, etc. This way, developers are not restricted to using a specific database and may choose the most optimal one based on the project, considering all relevant factors.

Huge Community Support

The higher reputation of PHP gave rise to a large community of developers, a fraction of which can be potential developers for hire. The huge number of available developers results in high competitiveness and lower demanded wages, which helps reduce development expenses. Moreover, PHP language is rather easy to understand and implement, so even citizen developers can effectively code and build websites and web applications.

Cloud Compatibility

At present, many modern products tend to use cloud computing solutions like AWS (Amazon Web Services), for several purposes. Applications written using PHP are highly supported by many cloud services, like AWS Lambda. Businesses can hire experienced PHP developers to deploy their PHP applications on a Cloud server and acquire excellent scalability and other beneficial impacts.

Summing Up

On the whole, PHP is highly preferred among developers when it comes to web development. It is a standard programming language that is used for engineering many web solutions. PHP service providers create supreme solutions for organizations along with unique benefits and features. Also, PHP frameworks are effective for establishing top-notch web applications. Organizations can acquire the potential of PHP to launch quality web apps or websites that fulfill both user and business requirements.


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