Why Flutter is the King of Mobile Application Development (6 Reasons)

Learn why Flutter is the best framework for developing mobile applications by reading this article, which includes the arguments supporting this claim.


Emma Jhonson

2 years ago | 2 min read

Google developed the Flutter mobile user interface framework. Businesses may create native apps for iOS and Android using a single codebase.

Flutter is quick, simple, and efficient. Because it makes use of the Dart programming language, it stands out from other frameworks.
Dart is a quick and simple to learn object-oriented language. The hot reload functionality of Flutter is one of its key components. This allows you to modify your code and immediately see the results.

Here are the 6 Reasons Why Flutter is the King of Mobile Application Development

1 - Reduced Code Development Time

Flutter is well-known for mobile app development since it accelerates code development. You can write a single piece of code with Flutter that runs on both iOS and Android.
Every platform does not need to have its own set of code bases. By using Flutter technology to design your app, you can be sure that the development process will be sped up in this way.

2 - Great Framework for MVP

A well-liked framework for creating Android apps is Flutter. Little to no code is required to create a working app, making it perfect for building MVPs (Minimum Viable Products).

You may visualise your app before you actually build it by creating an MVP first. To learn more and create excellent Applications, Hire Flutter Developers.

3 - Reloading Features

The ability of Flutter to refresh is one of the main factors affecting its attraction for Android app development. With the help of this tool, developers may modify their code quickly and easily and see the changes immediately take effect.

Particularly when compared to conventional app development techniques, this saves a tonne of time. It is straightforward to test out new features and user interfaces without having to completely restart the app thanks to Flutter's hot reloading functionality.

4 - Cross-Platform Environment

Using a single codebase, developers can create apps for both Android and iOS thanks to the cross-platform Flutter ecosystem. The process of developing apps for both platforms at once becomes simpler and faster.
The diversity of widgets and functions offered by Flutter makes the process of building apps easier and more effective. As a result, many developers are choosing Flutter as their preferred platform for 
Android App Development.

5 - Single Codebase

Developers can create attractive native apps for iOS and Android using the one Flutter source. By making a single app that works on both platforms, it is possible to avoid developing unique codebases for each one.
It allows you to save time and money while making it simpler to maintain your app over time. Companies recently shown a lot of interest in using Flutter to develop Android applications as a result.

6 - Increased Time to Market Speed

The shorter time-to-market of Flutter is one of the key factors contributing to its popularity for Android app development. With Flutter, programmers can quickly produce apps and release them to the market.
During the development cycle, developers may quickly iterate on the app because of Flutter's hot reload capability. Even a simple modification would take days or weeks to appear in the app using traditional methods. However, Flutter's rapid reload allows us to see the changes nearly immediately, greatly accelerating the development process.


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