Why Future Humans May Be Mistaken for Alien Life

Time travel could be the culprit for the UFOs seen in the sky


Trevor Mahoney

3 years ago | 4 min read

A glaring problem, in my opinion, in the theory that UFOs are constantly overhead watching humans here on Earth has been the lack of contact.

Even if there were some galactic rule about not making contact with lower-level civilizations, you have to think there would be at least one rebellious advanced civilization that would reach out.

Additionally, what’s the point of observing the Earth from solely up above. In these stories, aliens are never seen hopping out of the ship in spacesuits (another problem I hold with UFO stories) with special equipment.

It seems, if true, that these aliens are simply watching us.

However, I read something the other day that really caused me to sit down and think. What if it has never been aliens up in the sky? Imagine, for a minute, the stereotypical UFO. A disc-shaped object with a funny little oblong-type window in the middle. Odd design for a space ship, isn’t it?

Look at this video released from the Navy a month or two ago in which a UFO can be seen.

As a note: UFO just means an unidentified flying object, not necessarily alien.

I’ll cut to the chase: if the sightings are true, what if it’s actually humans from a far distant future?

This would theoretically explain why supposed aliens who have been seen appear to be bipedal and similarly evolved to ourselves. In fact, it would also explain why they would be able to walk outside of their ship without a suit — they are from here.

Furthermore, the same reason for how they are here could also explain how they seemingly disappear so quickly: time travel.

Stay with me here, I know it sounds hard to believe. Look at it like this: we actually have a fair amount of evidence for UFOs but zilch for alien life. Why is that? It’s easy to assume the two are related but, in reality, they may not be.

A professor of biological anthropology at Montana Technological University named Michael Masters wrote a recent book on the topic in which he discusses the idea of advancing technology.

Picture taking a car back in time 500 or 600 years. People may understand what it does after seeing it move, but be amazed by the speed or even craftsmanship. It would be inexplicable to them.

Therefore, it is safe to assume that future humans would have technology that would blow our minds today. Of course, this theory rests on the idea that time travel will be invented someday.

I would argue that, if true, the future humans we may be seeing are part of some future government and not simple tourists. Humans change but we don’t change that much. I’m sure if time travel was available to anyone, someone would have screwed with history just for the clout.

Perhaps the reason these beings stay in their ships and simply observe is that they are trying to get a firsthand account of our and their history. Maybe they’re trying to understand where something went wrong.

Naturally, assuming time travel to be plausible is a huge leap in itself but scientists have always looked at it from general relativity. Under this, traveling into the future is actually not impossible due to time dilation. However, we are interested in traveling to the past which is much more difficult.

Current theories revolve around creating a wormhole with significantly different velocities at each end which would allow someone to travel to the past. It sounds like magic to us today, but an advanced version of our society with a deep understanding of quantum physics may think it easy to do.

Provided UFO sighting are true, you have to admit it is odd that no aliens have ever made themselves personally known after all these years. The only advanced civilization that would be interested in simply watching us is ourselves.

Additionally, the reason we never actually “see” aliens is that there could potentially be strict rules on time travel in the future. Also, stop thinking of a time machine. A great term I read from Scientific American one time was to think of the universe as having time loops. Basically loopholes in space-time that could be exploited.

I think, for me, the argument that we have so much evidence for UFOs but none for alien life is resounding. I’ve always associated the two in my mind but perhaps the explanation is something different.

Reported UFOs don’t exactly look space-worthy from the descriptions and are incredibly small for an intergalactic journey. Granted, if the answer is aliens then maybe they have ways of getting here we can’t comprehend. I still find it odd that there have been so many sightings but such little evidence for aliens.

In my mind, the theory that they could be future humans watching us via time travel is fascinating. I will admit that there is a large problem with this theory (besides assuming time travel is real).

UFO sightings aren’t exactly reported at incredibly historical moments in our history. They’re usually seen by ordinary people doing ordinary things. Sounds kind of boring to watch if you ask me.

Though, I’m curious what you all think. Is there any potential truth to this theory in your mind? I personally don’t have an issue believing in time travel in the future as technology would appear to us like magic at that point.

Do you think UFO sightings, if true, are aliens or future humans? Maybe you have another explanation for them. Tell me down below what your views on the matter are. Thanks for reading.


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