Why Gig is Rocking the World?

Gig Economy is widely accepted by businesses , here is my take on how this is relevant at CXO level


Vineet Arya

3 years ago | 2 min read

The concept that’s working hard around the work is all about not working hard! For simple understanding it goes by the name of gig! So why is gig rocking? People step out of the confines of stable jobs for the same reason why they jump of planes and hurtle through thin air strapped to parachutes!

Its bloody exciting: as you surge through vast open spaces, air rushing past your stretched skin, your mind pushes possibilities to unimaginable limits. Its freedom to think, live, perform as you please with no barriers. It’s like an exhilarating trapeze act, swinging from one hoop to another, each taking you to a new high-- risky but protected by a safety net.

People are kicking full time jobs and embracing gig because they hate being handcuffed by office rules or spending fixed hours in glass enclosures. It’s a concept that takes work out of the stuffy boxes of employment and liberates the sort of animal spirits that are disrupting businesses and rewriting rules everywhere.

In essence, gig, a word borrowed from the world of music, is about playing hard at work: that is it turns work into life and life into work, fusing work and fun into a single experience. It does this by breaking down the traditional concepts of ‘full-time employment,’ into hundreds of specialized roles that can be played by specialists without sticking to any fixed hours or traveling to an office, every day.

Why must a writer, an accountant, a digital marketing specialist, a fashion designer or a music composer be necessarily present in an office for 8 hours a day to strut his stuff? Or, perform his gig? Nearly all of the services that add up to an economy can be (and is increasingly being) delivered by professionals at the top of their games from wherever they are on high-speed internet networks.

Even now, freelancers, contractors, independent knowledge workers…they are all connecting and performing together and separately like so many electronic particles, driving organizations across time and physical spaces, invisible to one another. Does life and work have to be separate and irreconcilable concepts in this opera of virtual players?

Definitely not. At a time when businesses are doing all they can to save on costs why must they burn their greenbacks on building, renting and maintaining large offices? A computer or even a smartphone screen is now the real estate for all the gigs to play out…all the gigs that a business would ever need to function at peak efficiency.

Almost everyone, from a Chief Marketing Officer to Chief Sales Office or CHRO or CFO to a programmer can now be outsourced by a CEO knowing full well that the outcome would be no different from them working out of his expensive office space with every minute of their presence adding to his cost. Giggers are not just a massive saving for businesses, they also come with the great virtue of flexibility: you hire them when you need them for mitigating specific pains and move on! Moreover, in the gig economy, businesses can get the best possible expert for every single specialized act without worrying about costs.

Not everyone can step out of the safety of a secure full-time job and sky-dive into the open but uncertain spaces of a gig economy. Only the very best can: professionals at the absolute peak of their powers with cutting edge mastery over their trades, confident of succeeding in any business setting. So, when businesses opt for a gigger or an Outsourced CMO they are getting the best money can buy, professionals who can take their businesses to all-new levels of success, at half the usual cost.


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