Why High-Tech Companies Want to Acquire Each Other Nowadays?

Acquisitions may seem simple at first glance like a usual business activity. But there is always a bigger reason behind them.


Kenan Kolday

3 years ago | 5 min read

Imagine a new world surrounded by thousands of satellites that enable 24/7 access to the internet from anywhere in the world, even in the middle of a desert. Even a person living in isolation in a cave at the top of a high mountain can surf the internet.

The internet is so fast that waiting for a screen to pop up is old fashion. Everything is at the tip of your fingers like Aladdin’s magic lamp awaiting your orders to be fulfilled. How nice?

As I mentioned before, about the trends that will change the world in the next 10 years, more and more schools will go online, allowing anyone to get the best education from the comfort of their houses.

Employers will not have to invest so much on facilities or relocate people from one part of the world to another because online remote work will reign the business world. This can happen only with super-fast internet.

Is there a price of that upgrade? Surely, there is

24/7 global access to the internet means easy access to information anytime and anywhere. At the same time, it comes with the price of being under watch in every breath. People will hand their freedom willingly to get what they want from the internet.

Seems like a fair trade like convincing a child to keep silent by promising to buy ice cream. As usual, an endless number of platforms will collect your personal data, promising to keep them safe forever in their Tartarus.

In case someone breaks in and hacks this safe haven of priceless data, there will be criminal investigations and public announcements to show how much these platforms are in regret. Is this a win-win scenario? Ask yourself.

Algorithms, which are a wonder of cutting-edge AI technology, will track all your activity to offer you the best of the best products and unimaginable customer service.

On the contrary, they will get to know you better than your mother, wife, or children with 10 clicks.

They will know your character better than anyone as well as your tendency for the upcoming elections, which will lead to targeted marketing suiting to your needs, desires, passions, and ambitions to help you make the right choice, not for yourself but for the greater good of all.

What is this greater good of all? Only the ones in control of the big data know.

For sure, you will not be the one to know while enjoying the benefits of speed, pleasure, and consumption like an apprentice of Hassan Sabbah, who is mesmerized to enter their sinister organization with the promise of Heaven.

Democracies will rely both on the regular election of selected candidates who are passionate to serve humanity and instant voting on main decisions with the use of 5G internet, smartphones, enhanced internet security systems, and global tracking systems.

You will have much more access to real democracy and have greater freedom to choose. At the same time, you will be bombarded with so many subliminal messages trying to convince you.

In such a world, the paper money is over — the crypto-currencies take over. You cannot even hand a few dollars to a beggar. Every type of transaction is through the internet.

You may have millions of dollars waiting to realize your dreams, but if you are electronically banned from making transactions, you are out of the game.

Even keeping paper money and coins in hand will not help you buy anything. So, you can be easily controlled and manipulated if you are a target for many reasons.

The crypto-currency will represent multi-polar world domination, meaning that it will consist of the world’s strongest currencies. However, no single power will be able to control this new crypto-reserve money other than a social organization that might be controlled by a superior organization hidden in the shadows of our modern civilization.

This world is a world of online shopping that delivers outstanding customer experience with a web of the high-performing supply chain. You will see droids flying in the sky, making deliveries from one home to another like a cloud of bees looking around to find the best mix of ingredients for honey.

Moreover, imagine people being addicted to social media without taking time to think about who they are, what they want in life, where they are coming from, and where they are going.

Corporate giants will grow more, turning into dragons. Their wealth will surpass an average economy by annual GDP. They do not have to deal with a senate, the parliament, parties, and voters, because they are just a company in the end, not a country.

The country where they pay the taxes in their headquarters will be the ones to control these corporate dragons. Invisible countries inside real countries. What a game.

Furthermore, let me draw a dystopian picture here. Imagine that everyone has a chip in their body to monitor their health and guarantee a stress-free, healthy, and long life.

These chips in your body would allow real-time tracking of your presence. In that type of dystopia, the one who controls the internet controls everything.

Even in a utopia, the need to establish a centralized to control decentralization will and may end with people trying to control it, even with good intentions.

All these could be a dream. These may or may not happen that way. Who knows other than God? But here are several undeniable facts no matter where the world goes.

The one who controls the internet controls everything.
The one who controls the big data and data feed controls everything
The one who controls the corporate dragons controls everything.
The one who controls advanced technology controls everything.
The one who controls your mind controls everything.

Do you now understand the reason for the on-going global fight to dominate social media, AI, internet technologies, and communication infra-infrastructure? Nothing is as pure and simple as it seems.

You better learn the rules of manipulation to stop living like a puppet and open up your eyes. The new wonders of modern technology could be both a blessing or a control mechanism depending on what we choose to make out of them.

As long as we maintain our awareness and freedom of mind to make the best choices for ourselves and the world, we are heading in the right direction.

I personally dream of a technologically advanced human society thriving with happiness, health, longevity, learning, diversity, inclusion, global fraternity, equality, justice, righteousness, love, kindness, tolerance, empathy, care, and goodness.

We cannot achieve this with the mindset of Homo-Sapiens Sapiens. The knowing human needs to transcend into a self-knowing human, Homo-Noeticus.

Forget about the Homo-Deus ideal even though we have the potential of the cosmic ocean as a small droplet. Look at what Olympus Gods did to the world in ancient mythology.

Uncontrollable power leads to destruction. Therefore, know thyself first and beyond everything, because such people do not fight but only love.

With love,



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Kenan Kolday

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