Why it is important to have a digital presence on LinkedIn as a student

And some key points to remember


Akanksha Priya

3 years ago | 2 min read

LinkedIn – A right place to make connections throughout the world. Initially, I never understood the importance it beholds. I thought it’s just another social media platform wherein we can create content and post.

So, when I was in my first year of graduation I was being told by the faculties to make a LinkedIn profile and update all our achievements on it. So, under peer pressure, I made a profile. I sent a connection request to my contacts who were on LinkedIn. I got 53 connections. So happy to hit a half-century. Lol.

I underestimated the importance of LinkedIn during my initial days. During one of my internship, we were supposed to make a video resume & share it on our social media handles. I just thought of posting it in LinkedIn too. That video got around 86 views on my WhatsApp status, which gave me appreciation from my friends & nothing else. It got 137 views on Instagram, which again resulted in more appreciations.

On LinkedIn, I got views of about 10k + people, which actually made me realize the reach of LinkedIn. My LinkedIn connection surged from 53 to 1000, from just a video resume!! I got so excited, that from that day onwards I have started using LinkedIn more than any other social media handle.

This particular platform not only helps you to build connections but also provides & makes you aware of the opportunities available around you. I got to know about various workshops being conducted by industrial experts through LinkedIn. I ended up enrolling into various college ambassador program and other internships through LinkedIn.

In fact, I got to know about CoFoundersTown through it. Okay! So this was my story.

I would suggest everyone to start building their own brands, i.e. personal brands on LinkedIn. I have personally felt the necessity of branding yourself these days. Corporates these days want to hire people who have a good social media presence, as they believe their employees will be better in branding their value as compared to the company’s own website.

Even if you are in high school, build a LinkedIn profile, identify your target audience and start connecting with them. I got to know more about the company, its recent developments, employees feedback all through LinkedIn.

What’s the right time?

There’s not actually any right time to make a profile on LinkedIn. As rightly said, early bird gets the worm & it’s never too late to start and try something. So, start from wherever you are, whatever you have and be consistent with it.

What kind of content the does audience like?

There’s not any specific content, but yes sharing your content through stories or story telling is usually preferred and liked by audience. As people read your content, they feel more connected to it. So, I would suggest to share content on LinkedIn that are engaging.

You can share anything: your journey, your achievements, your learnings through a workshop, your suggestions on anything...

Key points to remember

Make sure your profile picture looks professional.

You can follow people, observe their LinkedIn profile and modify yours accordingly. Never try to copy-paste the profile or post. What actually worked for others, will not work for you always.

Make sure that you are using the right keywords, so that company can actually know about you.

Update your profile and join in various groups to share and get knowledge. Remember sharing is the new learning.

LinkedIn is really a very powerful tool to build your online presence, grow your business, brand yourself. You should just give it the right amount of time.


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