Why investing in electric fireplaces makes sense?

Based on the area you live in; you may need a permit while installing conventional fireplaces. However, there is no need to apply for a license while installing electric fireplaces.



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When the context is about adding warmth and charm to a home, nothing compares to an aesthetically-styled fireplace. As a result, most modern-day homeowners tend to invest in a fireplace to complement their home’s décor.

From the crackling sound of the wood to the ambience, there are various reasons to opt for a fireplace. However, traditional fireplaces are prone to maintenance and repair issues. If you’re looking for an imitation fireplace that provides the same functionality, an electric fireplace with mantel is your best option.

To be precise, there are various types of hassles associated with a conventional fireplace. Apart from repair and maintenance issues, you have to stock firewood regularly. With these things in mind, let’s take a glance at some of the top aspects associated with Fireplace Toronto.

Overview of electric fireplaces

Electric fireplaces are plug-in heaters that mimic the functionalities of traditional fireplaces. However, electric fireplaces don’t emit soot and smoke, which is pretty great. People with respiratory illnesses usually opt for electric fireplaces.

If your living room has a new fireplace mantel, opting for an electric fireplace augurs well. One of the key highlights of an electric fireplace is flexibility.

These fireplaces are basically electric heaters. An electric fireplace plugs easily into the power outlet. Hence, the installation of an electric Fireplace Toronto is straightforward. Furthermore, there is no need to install a chimney for an electric fireplace.

Electric fireplaces are portable

If you are living in a rented accommodation, it makes sense to opt for an electric fireplace. Note that the installation of these fireplaces doesn’t require any type of remodeling. There is no need for you to modify the structure or install chimneys. In other words, electric fireplaces are highly portable.

Electric fireplaces don’t need a vent

Electric fireplaces don’t emit smoke or soot. That’s why you don’t have to worry about their ventilation. However, you have to consider a few electrical requirements before installing an electric fireplace. You have to install a 120-volt power outlet before opting for a fireplace in Toronto.

Moreover, this power outlet should have a dedicated circuit breaker or fuse. You will come across more oversized electric fireplaces which require higher voltages. Before installing an electric fireplace, always opt for a proper power outlet.

Reasons behind the popularity of electric fireplaces

Electric fireplaces offer a plethora of benefits when compared to conventional fireplaces. Here are some of them.

No need to apply for permits

Based on the area you live in; you may need a permit while installing conventional fireplaces. However, there is no need to apply for a license while installing electric fireplaces.

You don’t need to stock gas or wood to power an electric fireplace in Toronto. An electric fireplace only needs a power supply to operate.

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