Why Your Manifestation Doesn’t Work And 4 Methods To Make It Work

I’ve been your crash test dummy for a few years now


Zhenya Zerkalenkov

2 years ago | 7 min read

Perhaps you’re here because you either already started conscious manifestation but have some issues, or because you were disappointed by it and want to spread some hate. Both cases are absolutely viable and in both cases, I think that I can help you.

I first understood that something is going on, and I’m manifesting things into my life when I just started studying Chinese studies in 2014. I had thoughts in my mind of things I would like to happen. At some point, I noticed that most of the things I had in my head only a few days or weeks ago started appearing in my reality.

It was pretty amazing, so I started to test my theory. I thought about something I would like to have in my life, for example, getting to know a girl, and then forgot about it. In 100% of all cases, it happened after a few days or weeks. The longest time something ever needed to appear in my life was one year.

After I’ve finally figured out how it works, it took me only weeks or even days to manifest something into my life.

But how did I figure it out?

I started researching more about this topic and testing everything I could find out about manifesting. It worked out quite well for me except for some cases, which made me even more curious.

This is how I understood that some principles are pretty hard to handle for the usual human mind and attitude, but without them, you will have problems with conscious manifesting. Especially when it comes to life-changing things.

So I started to test things out until I solved those problems.

Now I want to share my few years of research and those solutions with you so that you can finally consciously manifest everything you want into your life. It could be that you will need some time to master these principles, but if you practice and don’t give up, it will eventually work out for you.

Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash
Photo by Greg Rakozy on Unsplash

Using All Senses Is The Key

Having a vision is good, but not enough. Using all senses emphasizes a manifestation because you feel how real it is, and this is what makes it happen. But using emotions is the most important thing about it.

Feel it as if it’s already there.

That is the first secret. When using (powerful) emotions, it’s as if you create a crack in reality because you send out a powerful signal to the Universe that it is exactly how you feel it and the Universe notices that something is wrong in your reality right now because it’s not what you’re feeling.

Using all senses and feeling it as if it’s real, helps you to develop the belief that it can and will be yours, energizes your vision, and sets a clear intention.

But how to feel what you want, right?

Stop thinking about your current situation. It’s not easy but practice it! Forget about your beliefs, blocks, and start dreaming! What are you afraid of? Nobody will ever see what’s in your head unless you share it so create any visualization you want. Dream BIG!

Remember daydreaming and when your parents always told you that it’s “bad to daydream” and you have to “live in the reality”, and stuff like that? Well, daydreaming works too and it’s actually good for manifesting because you’re always in your perfect reality while daydreaming, and you feel this reality.

However, to really focus on the emotions, I recommend something like meditation, where you can fully relax your body and your mind.

Manifesting Often Can Evoke Scarcity Mindset

I often heard from people that you have to practice manifestation often because this will emphasize the effect. Here it gets a little bit tricky and counterintuitive because it’s not about effort and how much time you put in.

I’ve noticed that if you work on manifesting often, you tend to fall into a scarcity mindset. At some point when practicing manifestation, I started thinking that I have to work on manifestation often because I don’t have something and/or because I want to emphasize the effect, which also leads to outcome-oriented thinking, aka “I don’t have something”.

You can prevent scarcity through

  1. Looking at manifestation as a bonus in your life
  2. Visualizing things in the distant future, for example in 3 years
  3. Having a vision

Looking at manifestation as an addition or a bonus to my usual way of living has helped me a lot. Now you might be wondering how that should work. Well, imagine you have a specific amount of money that you earn per month, and then you find, win, or get an additional $100.

What I do in such a situation is looking at these $100 as a bonus. I don’t add this money to my usual monthly earnings, and thus I look at them as something nice to have, but I can also live a happy life without these $100. Try the same with manifestation.

Have a mindset that if it works, it’s awesome. If not, then not. Just accept it and move on.

When visualizing things in the distant future, you don’t get hung up with the fact that “it still didn’t happen”. You maybe even forget about it, and this is how you let go and thus don’t have a scarcity mindset. But more about letting go in a second.

People like Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Donnie Yen, or any other person who has contributed something valuable to this world never considered having or not having this thing in their lives. They just had a vision and daydreams about it, and there was no room for scarcity. They just moved towards their vision, and this is how they made it happen.

Forget about the chance of not happening. Believe in yourself, believe in your vision, follow it, accept that it’s already yours, and take aligned action as if it’s already yours. The Universe will eventually show you the way to get your vision.

Letting Go Is The Secret Ingredient

Have you ever had this situation in life where you were looking for a job, and you were acting? I mean, you were going out and doing something to get this job. Because if you don’t do anything, you won’t get anything… so they say.

And then there is your friend who also needed a job, but he didn’t do anything for it. But this one friend seems to be flowing through life with ease.

You were acting for weeks, maybe even months, and you didn’t find a job or only one that you don’t like at all. But your friend, on the other hand, was pretty relaxed and didn’t care much. Only a few days after he said that he needed a job, he found one.

As if the perfect opportunity just fell on his head.

That is the power of letting go and another very important secret. You have to practice absolute detachment. Practice manifestation and then let go. Accept that you’ve set the intention and have done everything you can do.

Be so confident that your manifestation will happen that you forget about it.

Every thought is a manifestation and if you think that your manifestation still didn’t happen, or you don’t believe that it could/will happen to you, you manifest exactly that.

Besides that, letting go is also an additional reason why practicing manifestation often can be hard as it can get hard to let go.

The Chinese have a concept that is called “Wu Wei” which means letting go and allowing things in your life to happen. I’ve written an article where I talk about this concept. If you need to learn how to let go, then this article could help you:

3 Chinese Concepts to Help You Live a Happier Life

Philosophical concepts nobody knows about but should

Gratitude Practice Can Be Unexpectedly Rewarding

When I first started practicing gratitude, and I mean really practicing, I felt weird. I was always grateful for everything I had, or at least I thought so.

Then I discovered gratitude journaling and that we can be grateful for the smallest things, even things like a coffee you had today, or the air that you breathe. This is why I started feeling awkward because at first, it didn’t make sense for me to feel grateful for such simple things as coffee, but then I realized that I was taking more for granted than I thought.

I understood that not everybody could have even something like the air I breathe. For example, I live near the Bavarian Alps and I feel the difference between the air in the Alps and the air in a city every day, and I’m very grateful to breathe this clean air. It sounds so simple but it’s not.

Be grateful every day for what you had, what you have, and what you will get.

So don’t take your manifestation for granted. Being grateful for something that happened invites even more of it into your life and being grateful for something that will happen helps you to accept it as something that will eventually appear in your life.


  1. Using all senses emphasizes a manifestation because you feel it. Emotions are the secret component of your visualization.
  2. Don’t fall into a scarcity mindset when practicing manifestation too often. You can prevent scarcity by looking at manifestation as a bonus in your life, visualizing things in the distant future, or having a vision that you follow.
  3. Practice absolute detachment and letting go of your manifestation. Trust so much that it will happen that you forget about it.
  4. Practice gratitude and make it a daily habit. Being grateful for something that will happen helps you to accept it as something that will eventually appear in your life.

I hope you can apply these insights in your manifestation practice and they will help you to get even more results.


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