Why Should You Have NICOP?

The NADRA Card UK shipping and processing periods may vary based on the application type you choose.


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Nadra Card UK

NICOP is an official form of identification for Pakistani nationals who work or reside overseas. In substitute of Computerized NIC (CNIC), NICOP can be produced for personal identification both inside and outside of Pakistan. The card must be presented at domestic and international entrance and departure points.

  • You can enter Pakistan with a foreign passport without even needing a visa if you have a NADRA Card, which has several advantages.
  • Upholding the rights that are guaranteed to all Pakistanis
  • Complete recognition as a regular Pakistani citizen
  • You can open a bank account in Pakistan.
  • Able to apply for a passport that can be read by a machine (MRP)
  • Documents proving Pakistani nationality 7. The ability to buy and sell property in Pakistan
  • Pakistani nationals who want to give up their citizenship can apply for a POC Card.

Due to the expiration of your NADRA Card Renewal, all of these benefits may also end after your NADRA Card has ended. It would be beneficial if you renewed your NADRA Card at the NADRA Card Center as soon as you realised it was about to expire.

Delivery Procedure:

The NADRA Card UK shipping and processing periods may vary based on the application type you choose. After the case officer authorises it in the usual category, the NICOP Card is sent out in around 31 days. Delivery occurs around 23 working days after submission for quick categories. Within 7–10 business days of submission, an urgent NICOP is delivered to your door.

You can send us the application fee using one of the options below:

Card: Debit/Credit: To have one of our service providers accept your credit card payment, kindly contact us.

However, as cash-on-delivery is not an option, you must either pay your application fee in cash or in person with a debit or credit card.

Concluding Thoughts:

NADRA Card Center is pleased to announce that we have the best team and knowledgeable staff to ensure that everyone gets the results they want from NADRA Card UK. We are here to provide every NADRA Card Center customer with the conveniences and comforts they require in order to live in Europe. We strive to lessen the stress and time associated with documentation services by reducing office trips and delivering your documents to your door. We facilitate the distribution of NICOP cards to nations where Pakistan does not permit the shipping of such cards.

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