Why Paramount+ Is The Best Streaming Service

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Sydney Woodward

a year ago | 2 min read

It’s been a rough year for streaming services so far. Between Netflix raising prices and cracking down on password sharing and HBOMax essentially self-imploding, streaming doesn’t seem to be going well. 

However, while not being in the spotlight like its competitors, Paramount+ has steadily gained momentum as a streaming service. Paramount+’s pros have greatly outweighed its cons.

Paramount+ has access to a wide range of content from several libraries, such as Nickelodeon, CBS, MTV, BET, Comedy Central, and the Smithsonian Channel. It even has live content, including sports. While some may say this is pretty safe for them, having all of a company's content under one umbrella (excluding some Nickelodeon content currently on Netflix, such as Glitch Techs) is refreshing.

Disney currently has the problem of balancing its content between Disney+ and Hulu, which has been muddied even further, with Disney+ offering a more mature range relating to the Marvel franchise. Paramount+ has clear categories and enough variety to be a catch-all streaming service. 

Compared to its main competitors, Hulu at $7.00, Netflix at $10.00, and Disney+ at $8.00, Paramount+ is the cheapest option at only $5.00 monthly, making it very budget friendly even to those with low income. 

Despite Paramount+ doing well, like its fellow streaming services, some cons come with it. Some issues are the navigation of the menus being too slow, the local CBS channels being locked behind a higher-tiered subscription, and fewer offerings of entirely original content on the service. 

One of the most significant flaws is that while some shows have next-day access to new episodes or even same-day access, other shows don’t add recent seasons until several months later. That is something the competition has over Paramount+. 

Despite the issues listed above, Paramount+ is still the best streaming service available or, at the very least, the streaming service with the most potential. It knows exactly what it wants to be for consumers while also appealing to all types of users. Paramount+ is exceptionally affordable, with only needing a few tweaks that could make it very successful. 

In a time where streaming seems to be in a weird place of raising prices and company mergers taking away content from consumers, Paramount+ seems to be that stable, reliable middle ground that doesn’t appear to be going away anytime soon. 


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