Why People Sound More Mature and Smart Writing than Talking

She sounded like a 25-year-old lady while she was only 17.


Joshua Idegbere

3 years ago | 3 min read

A friend introduced me to a social platform where I can earn some money making video calls and meeting new friends.

Bingo Live.

But there was something about it that got my feet really cold — the 30 mins virtual auditioning.

What that means is that you will come to the front of your camera and have people come to the room and watch you present yourself. Live.

Guess what? It was a terrible experience just imagining it.

But I had no option if I truly want the benefits that come from the platform. That is, if I don’t pass the auditioning I won’t qualify as a broadcaster and so can’t even form the platform.

It was 1:30 pm Nigeria time. It was time for the audition.

My agent asked the five of us to “go LIVE now!”


I completely lost control. I was shy, didn’t know what to say, uncomfortable with people watching me LIVE streaming… in short, it was a session of fight-or-flight battle.

At the end of the 30 mins, my agent sent me feedback.

“Josh, you didn’t pass your auditioning.”

After going off LIVE streaming, I chatted up my little sister up to relate the experience.

I wondered if she was the same little sister

Before now, we send voice messages from the beginning of our conversation to the ending.

But yesterday I couldn’t use the voice option. Why? I didn’t want her to notice how bad I felt after the 30 mins auditioning she hoped I would pass.

To my amazement, her replies were so cute and mature that I wondered if it was the same little girl I know.

She wrote like a 25-year-old lady. And it really impressed me. Also, I was curious…

“How come she sounded more matured and smart today?”

Why People Sound more Matured Writing than Speaking

The one obvious thing was that she was typing her replies and not recording her voice.

It was the same girl, the same age from the same town,… but this time typing her replies.

The truth is,

Writing allows you to think through an idea and then choose the one that best expresses that idea.

“Writing is thinking. To write well is to think clearly. That’s why it’s so hard.” -David McCullough

People think better when they write than when they talk because writing allows you more time to think deliberately about the idea you have in your mind.

Again, the assurance that you can edit written words gives you confidence and makes you relaxed as you write.

This is unlike in speaking where you can’t do anything about it once the words get out of your mouth.

Indeed, writing is thinking deliberately and with intentionality.

The Impact of Writing on Thinking

Writing Improves your thinking. The more you write, the better the quality of your thoughts and thinking process.

“Writing improves the thinking process and contributes to the development of critical thinking skills because an individual has to clearly state ideas and lay out arguments in such a way as to cultivate higher order thinking. When writers respond to complex problems, they have the opportunity to state all their ideas and explain how they would solve these problems. This is critical thinking in action.”_ Grammarly

Writing makes for great thinking. And great writers make great thinkers.

The simple act of writing your thoughts and ideas every morning on paper can transform your life.


The quality of your life follows the quality of your thoughts and thinking. And nothing Improves the quality of your thoughts like consistent writing.

For a man’s life can’t be better than the quality of his thoughts. And as he thinks, so he is, and as he continues to think, so shall he become.

Final thoughts

People are more thoughtful when they write than when they speak. The reason being that writing is thinking deliberately.

And it is one way you can improve your life. Just by improving your thinking through daily writing your thoughts and jotting down ideas.

It is a simple but powerful daily habit that can transform your life.

Once your thinking is transformed, your life will be transformed too.

Cultivate that habit and watch your life explode with transformation.


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