Why Your Pitch Sucks And How To Change That

Discover the reason why most people hate you


Zhenya Zerkalenkov

2 years ago | 1 min read

I’m always happy to connect with genuine people that are not all about pitching their business or services to me.

I get weekly TONS of requests on LinkedIn from people who “help coaches to grow” and that, honestly, sucks.

This is what most people who you pitch to think. But they will never tell you that because they hate people like you and just ignore all of you.

You don’t talk about your story, you don’t ask me about myself (and if you do, you don’t really care), you just pitch your fucking services from the first letter on.

That’s not the way to go if you DON’T want to hate your clients and if you don’t want people to hate you.

We’re not at YCombinator and I’m not your investor. It’s not an elevator pitch, I have time. And you should also take your time to nurture people, too. I know, you need clients fast because you need money fast and you need always more money, but how about getting rid of your scarcity mindset?

Do you want one-night stands or do you want clients who know the value of your work, stay with you until the end and then recommend you to as much people as they can only because you were always so kind and understanding, because they feel like they have to give you back?

Start listening before saying anything. How about connecting, just talking, staying in touch, getting to know each other and be friends? Who knows how we can help each other in the future. After such a scenario I’ll be open to your services for sure.

So, if you’re up for genuinely talking about anything, I’m in, but if you just want to pitch your services to me, then I’ll kindly pass.


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