Why Do You Prefer Granite Over Marbles For Kitchen Countertops?

People, who construct new homes, prefer eye pleasing colored granites or marbles for their kitchen tops and bathroom countertops. You can improve the value of your home by using either of these tops. You need to select the right kitchen designer and installer to ensure correct cutting and placing the marble or granite.


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People, who construct new homes, prefer eye pleasing colored granites or marbles for their kitchen tops and bathroom countertops. You can improve the value of your home by using either of these tops. You need to select the right kitchen designer and installer to ensure correct cutting and placing
the marble or granite.

  • Highlights of granite kitchen countertops

Many people consider granite among Kitchen marble and granite because
of long durability and stain resistant properties. It with stands stains and heat in the
kitchen compared to marble countertops. It is available in eye pleasing finish for your kitchen renovation. It comes with timeless appeal and aura. It will not easily break or lose its sheen over a period of usage.

The kitchen countertop installer can select the right shade of the
granite stone from Kitchen marble granite to improve the aesthetics of your kitchen. Sharp cutting tools can be used to cut the granite slab into the desired shape for your kitchen countertop.

  • Resistant to liquids

Kitchen top marble granite does not absorb liquids. Therefore, kitchen counters manufactured using granite last longer. It is expensive compared to marble counters. However, it is worth investing in granites for enhanced visibility and durability. It requires less maintenance.Absorption of liquids in
granites is nil or very less because of its porous nature.

Cleaning of granite countertops is quite easy and you can keep them looking
like new. You need

  • Water, sponge, and isopropyl alcohol
  • Towel or clean cloth
  • Spray bottle and dish soap

To clean the granite counter tops in your kitchen or bathroom, you need
to remove all the items like keepsakes, crockery, and appliances. You
can utilize dry sponge to remove debris from the countertop.

  • Avoid using acidic liquids

You should not use liquids and materials that are acidic because of
sealants on countertops. Therefore, you need to prevent the usage of
bleach, Windex, or vinegar because it can dull your kitchen granite
counter besides weakening sealants. You can make use of soap water
for cleaning the
Kitchen marble granite countertop.

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You can blend warm water and soap and make a rich lather. You can apply
this lather using a sponge onto the granite countertop and gently
clean it by moving in the s patterns on the granite. You can make use
of razor blades to get rid of stubborn stains. You can also make a
paste using water and baking soda and apply it on the surface to
eliminate tough stains.

  • A blend of water and isopropyl alcohol

You can make a blend of isopropyl alcohol and water by taking them in
equal halves and pouring them in a spray bottle. You can spray this
liquid both below and on top of the counter to disinfect the
surfaces. After 5 minutes wipe out this moisture using a clean towel.

  • Americans prefer Marble countertops

Economical marble Kitchen top marble granite is available in attractive designs and patterns. The US considered importing marble kitchen countertops from overseas nations such as India, China, and Brazil because of cost effectiveness and quick availability.

Americans also lean towards marble kitchen countertops and bathroom countertops because of easy processing and fabrication. You can utilize computer controlled saws for precise cuts and make holes wherever required to fit sinks. You can employ a skilled worker to perform all these
chores efficiently and effectively.

  • Booming housing market

The flourishing housing market in the US increases demand for affordable
and high quality marble countertops for use in the bathrooms and
kitchen. Its luxurious appeal makes it a must for your kitchen
countertop. Like for granites, you need to use the sealants to
enhance the shining and durability of marble kitchen countertops.

Compared to granite counters in the kitchen, marble counters absorb liquids
and tend to discolor over a period. However with proper care and
cleaning, you can improve the life of marble bathroom and kitchen
counters besides benefitting from affordability.

  • Extremely resilient and durable

Marble countertops last longer. However, they are susceptible to scratches
or dents easily. Several house owners fell for its natural beauty. It
will also enhance the value of your new home and fetch higher sums.
You can also Kitchen marble and granite counters to renovate your existing homes and improve their functionality.

stones are timeless and a favorite for your interior design. It is an
elegant and versatile material for your bathroom and kitchen
countertops. It is available in a varieties of colors and patterns.
Those searching to give unique style to their home can choose cost
effective marble stones.

  • Keeps you in robust mood

The white marble expects to keep you in a good mood to perform all of
your daily tasks easily and efficiently. Public prefers marble for
wall covering, kitchen island, kitchen countertop, furniture, floor,
and fireplace. It is one of the preferred materials for architects
and interior designers.

Those, who cannot afford marbles or granite slabs for their countertops, can
choose affordable granite tiles. You should be careful in handling
them and will give you the same appeal and last longer. Therefore,
you can also invest in granite tiles and improve your home value.

  • Composition of marbles

Marble consists of calcium carbonate. It can also be manufactured using a
blend of dolomite and calcium carbonate. Marbles are classified into
colored and white stones. It comes in white and gray shades. Greek
marbles offer enhanced value and beauty.

It is unique and ideal for multiple finishes to suit your home needs.
You can choose bush hammered, sandblasted, or polished marble stone
for your home renovation. It withstands corrosion and temperature

  • Where to buy affordable granite or marble stones?

Marbles and granites sourced from India are cost effective and durable.
Indian marbles are available in black, green, brown, and white
colors. You can use them for countertops, staircases, and flooring.
Rainforest brown marbles are sourced from the Jaipur region in India.

Ingenious rocks - granites are sourced from China, Brazill, Canada, India, and
the US. You can get quotes from various suppliers and choose the high
quality and affordable marble or granite stones. You can use them on
the steps of your staircases and enhance their beauty.


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