Why Python is not the programming language of the future?

Why Python is not the programming language of the future? Downsides of python, Upsides of python.


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What is Python?

Python is an interpreted high-level general-purpose programming language. Python's design philosophy emphasizes code readability with its notable use of significant indentation.

Basically, you can do Backend, AI, Machine Learning, Server Programming with this language. It is also one of the best languages to learn as a beginner because it is very easy to learn, even for a complete beginner.

Why Python is so popular?

Python was is a very old language and as with any other programming language, it took a lot of time to get it fame. As of today python is one of the most used languages used in the code sphere {Word Made By Me, LOL}. Yeah, I know python is great but is it will be great forever? No, I don't think so as there are already many languages that are better than python. In this article, we will take about this.

Why Python is great?

Easy To Use

If anyone of us ever used python, we know that how easy is it to use python not only that it is very human-readable i.e. if you give this code to anyone who even doesn't know an A about programming, they will be able to at least read and understand something that this language is going to do.

Also, there is no need to specify the data type. We just need to declare the variable and it will automatically understand from that whether it's afloat, integer or a boolean value.

Already in the Environment

According to the Stack share page for Python, there are 6,200 companies using Python in the real world. Companies like Google, Facebook, Discord, Microsoft and Many Many Others uses python as one of their main programming languages.

As it is used by many companies, it makes sense to use learn this language for now.

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Old & Reliable

As Python is so old, 25 years to be numeric, It has already made its way in the hearts of developers. It has not only grown a lot in these last decade but it also has become a developer's choice as a backend, AI, Machine learning or something else programming language. It has proved to Everyone that it is reliable as a programming language.

If you have any issue while you’re coding in Python, There is a probability that you can fix it with a google search. Simply because somebody will have already faced your problem and written something helpful about it.

Fact- over 20% of StackOverflow Questions are tagged with python

*Versatile *

Versatile means it is easy to find answers to the problem. Since Python has been around for so long, developers have made a package for every purpose. Whichever Programming Problem, you’re trying to manage, chances are that there is a Python package for it out there made by expert developers.

Because of this Python stayed on top of recent developments, which can be seen from the surge in Machine Learning and Artificial intelligence over the past few years.

Downsides of Python, or why it isn't great?

Python is slow, Very Very Slow. On average, 2–10 times slower than to complete a task with Python than with any other language.

Every programming language can be described in two ways- code delivery speed and performance -

Delivery speed-
In this Python is one of the best languages to work with rather than Perl any other programming language can't beat this language. In this, no doubt that Python absolutely outperforms other languages in terms of delivery speed.

In this case, in my experience python doesn't make its way to the top. It generally doesn't perform fast in Data Science & Web Development, but if you optimized the code enough well then for the most applicant, it will be enough fast.

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Mobile Development

We can see the transition of python from the web, data science, artificial intelligence and machine learning to mobile development as well.

Originally this was not made for mobile development, but as time passed many packages like KIVY was made, which made python capable of doing mobile development.

Runtime Errors

A Python script isn’t compiled for the first time and then executed. Instead, it compiles every time when you execute it, so any coding error occurs itself at runtime. This leads to poor performance, time consumption, and the need for a lot of tests. Like, a lot of tests.

What can Replace Python in Future

There are a few modern languages that have the potential to replace python-

1.Go/Golang - It is great for beginners made by Google, and it is so simple that it’s even easier to maintain the code.

Fun point: Golang developers are the highest paid developers on the market.

2.Rust - It solves the performance issue that we face with python a lot. It is also the most-loved programming language of the last few years.

3.Node.js - In the point of view of the backend this language can also replace python because it's way faster than python.


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