Why Tech-savvy Millennials Should Text Less and Write More

Mental stimulation in the brain occurs when we write as opposed to when we type


Sakshi Chandak

2 years ago | 3 min read

Anyone born between 1981 and 1996 is considered a Millennial. It is assumed that this group of people would be the most familiar with communications, media and digital technology. We live in an incredible time with bountiful opportunities with the world at our fingertips. The truth is, there has never been a better time to be alive.

Amidst this tremendous growth, India has seen a massive change in the stationery space over the past decade. Local homegrown brands, boutiques, online market places have evolved to bridge the gap in the customised stationery space. The urban Indian consumer has become very selective about his means of social correspondence and brands are trying to capitalize on this growing fetish for exquisite stationery. The growth in demand for minimalist notebooks, customized envelopes and planners is enormous despite their relatively high prices. Let's find out why-   

What Makes One Write?

Some might believe that buying paper is an unusual purchase for a millennial with an iPad but it is not. There is a certain commitment involved when you sketch your ideas on a piece of paper. One taps an altogether different part of their brain where there is a deeper level of thinking. Mental stimulation in the brain occurs when we write as opposed to when we type and hence there has been a radical shift in the nature of exchanging messages in the last few years.

The Contemplation

When you are texting someone you are interested in, it can be truly invigorating and gruelling at the same time. Here’s why -- Every interaction is laden with meaning: How long do I have to wait to write back? What does his long pause imply? Is an exclamation point a bit much? Should I finish with an emoji or not? We sometimes fail to understand our textpections.

While writing, people rarely edit what is already written. Having the scope of constantly editing while typing often alters the thought process. People in relationships are resorting to traditional ways of correspondence by sending more mail in this tech-inspired world. From sharing a kind word to messages of love, encouragement, thanks to just plain happy thoughts. It really shows how a person is willing to go that extra mile in making that effort in writing a note.


Today’s child takes a picture on their phone. They are doing the exact opposite of what it takes to retain and process information which is a question of great concern. Students take more care of note when they write it by hand. A picture on the phone can easily get lost amongst the thousand other pictures we click every day.

Research has proven that writing notes by hand create more neural pathways in the brain. Articulation in writing comes from reading books which impart a linear and logical advancement of thought and stimulates mental progress. You can't write as fast as you can type and hence we become selective and retain only what is necessary.

What’s Cool?

It is totally alright to not answer each and every text the minute you get it just like you don't answer every email the minute you get it.  Similarly, you don't have to answer each instant message the minute your inbox goes buzzing. It’s okay to be in control of your life and not have it controlled by your phone. There are not many individuals throughout your life who ought to have unlimited access to your life. What's more, the vast majority of the people messaging you, aren't them.

The highly educated millennials are digitally equipped and the most keen to rediscover paper. Because nothing compares to the beauty of immaculate stationery and a handwritten note on your desk. Just like the clothes you wear, your stationery it is an extension of your personality and the most humble form of indulgence, creativity stimulated by writing is more extensive than what you get when you type. Spending more time planning your day, writing notes to yourself, making grocery lists, maintaining a journal, putting your thoughts to paper will only bring more structure and discipline to your otherwise mundane life.

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