Why Technology Is Making Us Lazy.

“Just google.” Or, “Hey, Siri!”


Dedrick C.

a year ago | 1 min read

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Technology, primarily our handheld computers, makes us wiser but weaker and lazy. Convenience comes with a cost: the conditioning of less thinking, minimal work, and physical movement. The simplest of tasks that can be done with a cellphone is now the approach to answer or solve any question or concern. 

For example, when calculating the numerical value of any sort that requires multiplication, division, or two-step mathematical problems, we input the numbers on our phones rather than solving the equation manually, and the solution is there. Another great example would be checking the time. Instead of using an analog clock or taking the time to read one, we instead time the time on our phones and visually see it. We could even go as far as studying. When college students are looking or reading through something, they often try to find specific words on the page or information they need instead of reading to internalize and understand the content and context of their reading. 

The ease of access to information results in less critical thinking and attention and conditions our minds to do a simple task as quickly and easily. Also, with our phones and the capabilities of our cell phones, it becomes harder to eliminate distractions; we become desensitized to various forms of media, and we tend only to find excitement from activities or media from our cellphone. That’s if you are that much of addict to your cell phone. Notably, technology makes us lazy because we don’t have to put in the effort to complete complex, extensive, or basic tasks. 

Though not all people are lazy or become lazy because of their phones, the dependence of humans needing or wanting a phone for simple tasks lets us know where technology will lead us. I have a sense of where it’s leading us, but I could be wrong. Or I could be right. 


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