Why We Are All Trapped With Only Few Finding Freedom

Without any fault of our own, society has pulled us into its never-ending loop. We have been trapped by it. Find out what the loop is and how to escape.


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Whilst taking a short break at work, I had the privilege of speaking to a good friend. We often time complaining about certain departments, but this time we spoke about society and its problems.

I have always considered many of us trapped in society, yet I never fully understood what was trapping us. And I am not the only one who has felt that way. In the words of Jean-Jacques Rousseau:

“Man is born free and everywhere he is in chains.”
- Jean-Jacques Rousseau

These scary yet profound words give us an indication of how some of the greatest thinkers have felt. Many of these men and women depend on creativity and freedom of thought to live a life truly free. So, there is no surprise that these individuals felt trapped in a society that often limits us.

Why we are all trapped is the question many philosophers have tried answering. Plato used his allegory of the cave, and many other philosophers pointed to us being enslaved through our desires. I agree with many of these explanations and believe they all have a part to play.

However, after speaking with my good friend, there appears to be another reason why we are all trapped that I have not considered. Unfortunately, it is outside our control and is a tiresome loop that society has found itself in. So, here is why we are all trapped and my proposed route to freedom that few find.

Why We Are All Trapped in a Terrible Loop

If you read the quote above, you should know the loop we are trapped in. Without any fault of our own, we have been born into a society somewhere along the loop. If you were born during, WW1 you would have been born in hard times. However, if you were born in 2000, it would have been nowhere near as hard.

Although some people like to complain that the world is terrible, we are in relatively good times. We are currently experiencing our longest stretch of peace in the west, and the advancements in technology have given us vast capabilities.

However, the end to this good time appears to be weak men. Unfortunately, there are clear signs that society as a whole is getting weaker. People are no longer rewarded by merit, but on what they feel should be right. It appears that no one wants to stand for the truth due to fear of being offended or offending others.

And if we thought millennials were not resilient enough, wait until Gen-Z hit the workforce. They have grown up in a world of complete instant gratification where posting scandalous images on the web can make you an influencer. Not to mention driving their peers into quick money schemes and myths of becoming a millionaire overnight.

Whether you like it or not, you have been served a good time with weak men. You are trapped in a society that undervalues freedom and seeks to fulfil their pleasures over truth. It will not be long until we find ourselves in hard times again.

Escaping the Never-Ending Loop

It is essential to look at the problem from two sides. The first being, how can society as a whole set itself free from this loop of suffering. After all, if it is not solved at a societal level, people will forever remain trapped.

The second being, how can we as individuals escape the loop. I believe the second problem is a whole lot easier to solve. We can already see that the problem in this loop is not strong men, good times or even hard times. It is weak men.

Weak humans are more likely to succumb to their desires and quickly give up when things are no longer going their way. What I find interesting is that weak individuals are also more likely to obey authority and support the majority. They are scared to stick out due to fear of being marginalised and judged.

In today’s world, the weak are not physically inferior. They are those who have not taken the time to gain knowledge to form logical views. They follow the majority and find pleasure in conformity. If we are to escape the plague of the weak, we must leave society.

That may be through trodding our own path, developing our own views, deleting social media. Whatever it is that allows you to leave this reality to create your own, you must do it. All of the greatest thinkers have found it rewarding and have found fulfilment in it. They have also been able to influence the masses whilst doing so. However, how do we solve the problem for society?

Solving the Problem for Society

I have had to think long and hard about this one. Although my thoughts are still fresh on the topic, I see a few problems that must be solved. The first being complacency. We naturally begin to take our feet off the gas when we believe we are in a good position.

Unfortunately for us, this type of behaviour tends to be at our disadvantage. The story of the hare and tortoise is a powerful one to show this. However, complacency is not the only problem we have. The second problem is the lack of gratitude weak men inherit.

As good times continue, people take their position for granted. So, not only do they get comfortable believing these times will always be here, but they also become less thankful for it. Weak men start to forget the values that strong men held to get them to this place.

In fact, they start to despise them. They call it toxic and archaic whilst shaming those who still hold to the values that made great nations. Plato suggested that everyone, both men and women, should complete time in the army. This was how he educated the youth on resilience and learning how to not take things lightly.

In the modern-day, these methods may not work. I believe too many people would be against it. However, society needs a way to allow for strong men and women to install their values. And this installation must happen before weak people become weak.

My thoughts are not concluded on this topic. But one thing is certain, we set society free by the educational standards installed in the youth. It is the only way we stop weak individuals before they become weak.

A Fruitful Thought.


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