Why I Never Want To Be A Digital Nomad

Sorry, Tim Ferriss. It’s not for me.


Joel Sigrist

3 years ago | 1 min read

Tim Ferriss changed the world.

Whether for better or worse is up for discussion, but Tim Ferriss pioneered the idea of Lifestyle Design, a topic in the world that makes digital nomad lifestyles possible and encourages us to travel the world as remote workers.

In his book, the 4-hour workweek, Tim Ferriss lays out all the ways he went from a successful (but overworked) CEO to a digital nomad working a handful of hours every week and spending the rest of his time becoming a World Champion kickboxer and Guinness world record-holding tango dancer.

He did whatever he wanted, whenever he wanted. That was the model.

With it, Tim wrote a bestselling book, and then he wrote 4 more. He accumulated a net worth that’s more than 100 Million dollars.

You likely know most of this about Tim Ferriss. He’s very well-known. He created an entire genre of self-help.

But I’m not at all interested in the digitally nomadic lifestyle he lays out.

It sounds empty. Hollow. Meaningless.

Tim Ferriss bounces from hobby to hobby, and community to community, without any real roots. I want to travel the world, but I want to live in one place.

I want to have a home.

I don’t want to be a nomad. I don’t want to drift from one interest to another, seemingly at random, across the globe. I want to have a family. I want to be grounded.

I want to live somewhere long enough to let my mistakes catch up to me. I want to gain a reputation in my community as well as online.

I want to be more than a personal brand.

I’m not interested in living across the globe, moving every 6–12 months to the hot new location. I want to be rooted in my community long enough to be on a city council, get invested in my local politics, and know my neighbors as friends.

I want to live somewhere and make it a home.

That’s my lifestyle’s design.


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