Why Web Development is the Best Job in 2021

The events of the last year has made web development the best job to start in 2021


David Tetreau

3 years ago | 3 min read

Creating websites and web applications has never been more important. This makes becoming a Web Developer one of the best careers to start in 2021. The global pandemic has changed the way people work, students learn, and people communicate with each other.

This makes the job of a Web Developer more vital and important than ever before. Since I'm new to web development, I would like to share with other beginners (and anyone else) the reasons I am choosing to start a career in this field!

Jobs, jobs, and more jobs!

The availability of jobs in web development is partially due to companies transitioning their workers to remote status. Professionals who have traditionally been in strictly in-person roles have seen the benefits of remote work.

Despite what one might think, remote workers, can be more productive than in-person workers. I know this because my wife does mortgages. Her team has had the best year on record in terms of the number of loans they were able to close.

I can speculate that the reason for this is because the daily commute is cut out, workers have more energy, they can get up and take a quick break if they need to, they aren't distracted by socializing with coworkers, they are less likely to call in sick, and frankly, their stress level is lower. This all leads to more productivity.

What does this mean in terms of becoming a Web Developer in 2021? Businesses need people to build high-tech solutions to fill gaps in their workflow, and they need innovative solutions that facilitate remote work.

Some businesses are even thinking of leaving their workers home permanently. They know the numbers don't lie when it comes to productivity. Hence, they need the help of Web Developers to make this happen.


Web Developers have great earning potential. According to, "The average Web Developer salary is $72,521 as of February 26, 2021".

If you consider the U.S. Census American Community Survey Briefs which reports an average household income of $65,712, Web Developers alone make well over what the average household in America brings in.

However, this cannot be the only reason that someone wants to be a Web Developer. Many are attracted by the earning potential of experienced developers.

However, a potential Web Developer must love what they are doing or find something they are passionate about. You cannot put a price on being happy about going to work.

Creativity and Innovation

Aside from the job security and financial benefits, Web Developers get to be creative and innovate. I would argue that there is nothing more satisfying than to create something that did not exist before you put your thoughts and energy behind it.

Some may imagine that Web Developers sit at their desks designing programs all day, but what they are actually doing is being artists and connecting the people of the world. If you put it in those terms, it's a career that can be very inspiring.


Web development skills are transferable skills. Technology affects every aspect of our lives and affects every profession. Time spent learning about the web is not wasted time in any profession. A person could learn all the skills associated with web development and apply them to their current job or a future job they have in mind.

However, for those who love the internet, building things, and creating, web development is an enjoyable job and a career that's fulfilling. This role is described by U.S. News as:

A job with a low-stress level, good work-life balance, and solid prospects to improve, get promoted, and earn a higher salary...

No matter your future career aspirations, web development is something you will look back and be happy that you did! Thank you for reading my post! Good luck with your future endeavors!



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