Why being a woman in UX is awesome

“Why should I choose to work in tech as a woman then” you ask?


Kinga Adamczewska

3 years ago | 3 min read

When I first stepped into Threefold’s office over a year ago, I didn’t realize that I am a woman in Tech. I know it sounds crazy — I am a woman and I work in technology, how did I not know I am one of them? One of the reasons was that I was oblivious to the fact that women were underrepresented in the tech industry.

It can be rather shocking looking at gender statistics in the Tech sector. That is because for years there has been this stereotype that women don’t belong in tech and fortunately, this outlook is slowly changing.

I currently work with many inspiring and talented women, and I feel like it’s the right time to raise this issue. More women need to think about career transition to the technology sector - and more young girls need to consider a career in tech.

As much as I don’t remember ever being told not to work in tech by the career-guidance teacher in my catholic, all-girls school in a small Irish town, I also don’t remember being told to do it!

So as my background is in UX — I’ll talk about some fantastic benefits of being a female UX designer!

“Why should I choose to work in tech as a woman then” you ask?

It’s not all technical.

I have heard a lot of young designers say that they are scared and overwhelmed about working in the Technological sector as they are not technical. Well, surprise surprise — you don’t have to be technical to work in Tech.

Working in Tech can give you many opportunities, and there are different roles that are not 100% technical. Are you artistic? Become a UI designer. You’re stronger at writing? Why don’t you try UX writing? Do you love data? User testing is just the right thing for you!

You’ll learn something new every day.

As a UX designer, you will do something new every day. There are always new techniques, processes, and tools you will want to try out as we all love experimenting! A career in UX is definitely one for those who are curious and are interested in expanding their skills.

You’ll fix problems.

And you won’t fix them by coming up with a solution and just throwing it up there. You’ll use empathy to find a solution. You will get to meet real people, see how that problem affects them, how it makes them feel and what they really need.

You will get insight into people’s lives and learn how you can really help them. And there isn’t anything as rewarding as reading a review that the new app update has made someone’s life easier!

You’ll get to be human.

I feel like in today’s world it can be hard to have a job where you get to actually feel like you’re a person, not a robot. Being a human is part of this job. As UX designers we need to be empathetic to understand our clients and their users.

You will meet people from different backgrounds and find out more about them. Having a nurturing nature and the ability to put yourself in other people’s shoes is a huge plus and will get you to see things from a user’s perspective.

You’ll work with fantastic people.

Designers tend to be great to work with. As empathy and listening skills are very important for UX designers, you’ll be looking forward to starting each project with your team.

From my experience at Threefold, I can say that our team is very collaborative, helping us all to grow and learn, not only as a team but also as individuals. UX culture really encourages mentoring and knowledge sharing which is not something found in many other careers.


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