Why Being a Writer is Not About Money, Your Word Count, or Habit

Lock in your writer’s identity


Zhenya Zerkalenkov

3 years ago | 3 min read

Over the past year, I’ve read so much about writing from writers who made money from writing. Interestingly, some of them think they can define who’s a writer and who’s not.

Unfortunately, for this reason, many aspiring writers get discouraged to write. If you’re one of them, let me tell you a few words about why you should just write instead of listening to those people.

What Writing Should be About

I’m into writing since I’m around 12 but never considered myself a writer. Yet I learned a lot about writing. Copywriting, blogging, freelance writing, different writing styles and techniques, different genres — you name it, I learned it.

I consider myself a writer, but I don’t write consistently every day. Sometimes I write 900 words per hour every day, sometimes I write 900 words per month. I have written nothing for 3 months. That’s one reason many writers wouldn’t consider me a writer.

But the thing is that I don’t write when I have nothing to tell that I consider valuable. Besides enjoying writing, that’s also one thing that being a writer should be about. Using this art form to create something valuable for others.

I also make money from writing when I want to. But making money from writing is not what makes you a writer. Writing 2000 words per day, or writing every day, is also not what makes you a writer. And the same goes for having a writing habit. Everything of that is not what makes you a writer.

The Writer’s Identity

In fact, nobody can’t just claim what makes up being a writer because it’s just a perspective.

Look, there are a ton of writers on Upwork or other platforms who make money from writing, have a writing habit, and maybe even write 2000 words per day, but that doesn’t make them writers.

You can also have a writing habit and write any count of words per day every day, but if you’re not ready to learn and transform your writing will still be shit even after 10 years. Besides that, you can always find people who pay because there will always be someone. But it won’t change anything.

Because it’s about your identity.

I’ll tell you something. It made a click when I finally decided for myself that I’m a writer. When I chose my identity to be a writer. That’s when everything came together.

My friends consider me a writer. Why? Because I talk a lot about writing, writers, and writing platforms. Because I have a creative library and a content library. And because I say after so many ideas I talk about “oh, this would make a great article!”.

Since I started identifying myself as a writer, my head got even more into this topic. Because it got laser-focused. Before that, I was just interested in writing. But after locking in my writing identity, I started associating myself with writing.

That’s also the reason I don’t need a writing habit. Why should I need one if writing is a part of me? I’ll come back to it, anyway. I also don’t care if I make money with writing because it’s about writing and not about earning. Not that I don’t want to make money with writing, but if I grow as a writer, the money will come automatically. There’s no reason to freak out about it.

So instead of listening to people who define what a writer is, just remember one thing: Being a writer is about your identity.


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