How Will AI Change The Creativity and Art?

It will change every component of art including humans.


Dedrick C.

5 days ago | 1 min read

It changes everything.

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AI and technology in the artistic realm of existence are changing artists, the perception of art, and art itself. Art is a form of creative expression, human ideology, and creativity. Art helps us make sense of movement, time, and existence. Art is also historical and helps create the narratives of the future. 

Critical Theory Of Using AI To Create Art

But, some say we are already in the future, and time is among us. That is undoubtedly true. Technology is fairly new, and the effect of technology has taken us by storm. In the realm of art AI and technology have optimized the implementation, creation, and execution of art to the point humans need little to any creativity, talent, or skill. 

Many people believe that using AI has created a new process of creating art, but many components of art are no longer being considered by those who enjoy creating and viewing art. As for me, I feel using AI is not a problem when creating art, but a general theory of AI and technology is that it makes us humans lazy, requires little talent or skill, and takes away the purity of human creativity. 

How can we as people and especially artists accept the creativity of a computer when the possibilities are limitless? Whereas as humans we have limited capabilities but that is the joy of art because it helps us find those capabilities beyond being human. 

Will AI and Technology Change Art

The answer is yes more importantly, how much will AI change art? The answer is already here we just have to wait and see. 


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