How Will AI Change the Face of Digital Marketing in 2021?

Endless numbers of enterprises are involving AI in their business goals. Artificial Intelligence is essential for the future of digital marketing.


Aurosikha Priyadarshini

3 years ago | 4 min read

Artificial Intelligence — to many it might remind of some “terminator sci-fi” where AI overruns humanity. However, in the real world, artificial intelligence has marked a huge impact in science, economics, and business. Today, brands are very dependent on these AI mechanisms to sustain the market and its trends.

In popular opinion, if there is any change that is really visible in society, it is the scientific development of civilization and human dependence on it. Well, in reference to AI applications in digital marketing, I have expressed myself below.

AI is revolutionizing digital strategies with its operative learning system. It has the ability to store data, analyze it, and learn from the analysis in order to improve. There isn’t any limit to this and due to the speed and accuracy, it is very competitive tech.

It is still in the cocoon phase and advancing every single day. It is definitely a priority for many companies who are focused on the market and want to enhance the digital marketing strategy. This technology provides sufficient customer insights which assist in deeper penetration within the industry.

Apart from that, AI systems are inducted in projects of companies, like Tesla’s auto-driver, Apple’s Siri, Google, etc. It looks like in the forthcoming years it would become the norm to include AI in most of the simple equipment.

Big Data Jobs
Big Data Jobs

Endless numbers of enterprises are involving AI in their business goals. Artificial Intelligence is essential for the future of digital marketing.

The relation between AI and Digital Marketing

Customer Relationship Management is a department that creates a strategy to maximize business with a customer-centric approach. When CRM is combined with Artificial Intelligence, it assists in gaining insights about the targeted customers by maximizing the collection of user data from various platforms.

This then can be utilized to identify the needs of the consumers eventually to deploy the most accurate marketing strategy.

Marketers can sort out data after thorough analysis and improve AI algorithms to achieve higher sales. With such a deeply-placed data collection mechanism, companies can access the customers’ behavior and put up the most effective solution for them. This makes the user-experience hassle-free and retention of customers increases for the company.

The aim now is to understand some of the new trends of AI in Digital Marketing that may occur in 2021. Suggested changes are an effort of thorough analysis and aim at preparing every writer or company for 2021.

Automated Customer Services or Chatbots

Eminent growth in the utilization of chatbots is noticeable in recent years. They have become institutional while dealing with simple inquiries or marketing your products. AI like Alexa for Amazon has already made the search easy for the customers buying from the shopping portal. The popularity of virtual assistants is huge and feels to be comfortable working within the interface.

A Global AI Survey Report of 2016 suggests that these self-learning AI systems are supported by around 86% of people in the US, UK, Germany, and Latin America, collectively. These supporters are curious about trying fresh products based on the system.

In fact, 65% of customers are already interacting with some kind of AI tool. Various companies are trying to develop this chatbot technology and the future for such tech is bright.

Further, here are the top 5 benefits of using chatbot for your business:

  1. 24x7 availability of chatbots

2. Chatbots will save cost on resources

3. Chatbots decrease the chances of error

4. Chatbots are AI-based, unaffected by emotions, thereby guaranteed
customer satisfaction

5. Self-learning program which is faster than any employee

Increased proportion of Voiced Searches

Virtual assistants, like Alexa and Siri, are much better from the previous years. They have encapsulated the customers with their simple user interface and search accuracy. This has eventually drawn a higher number of people to use voice searches. Moreover, this inclination towards hands-free data input is expected to increase even more.

Today, almost 60% of business searches are speech searched. In 2020, more than half of the daily searches were voiced. This year will also replicate a similar trend and predictions are that 50% of every kind of search would be voice-based.

This growth is not magic, but the hard work of programmers. They developed critical machine learning algorithms in order to understand human speech which resulted in these kinds of advancements in Artificial Intelligence.

If you remember how Google voice searches were 10 years back, you would know it was underdeveloped. However, Google’s algorithms are at a point where they can comprehend human speech with 96% accuracy.

Doesn’t it boggle your mind?

As human civilization becomes more comfortable with technology, it transcends to adopt an easier lifestyle. Using voice command over type search is very basic, yet changes a lot in the digital marketing industry.

Businesses will need to alter their content strategies and SEO work. They will have to focus more on the voice search data in order to align better and land successful campaigns.

Increasing Demand for AR and VR

Virtual and Augmented Reality are much popular in the gaming world, like Xbox gaming and Pokémon Go. Moreover, this technology is more cheered for entertainment purposes than practical.

Further, the incorporation of AI in AR and VR will gain excessive momentum in the coming decade. It will become an important tool to enhance brand learning and marketing.

In digital marketing, this method can bring forth different ways for the customers to interact with the brand and create a connection with it. Use of AI with AR/VR will redefine user experience and build a robust brand identity.


AI is a valuable tool for digital marketers around the work. There is no denying in the fact that AI is influencing the choices of consumers, providing them with relevant recommendations and 24x7 swift customer services.

Finding ways to inculcate AI in a business will enable the growth of the brand, drive sale figures, and meet consumers’ expectations. So, get prepared for 2021 and sharpen your marketing tools with Artificial Intelligence.


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