Will AI and ChatGPT Replace Human Content Writers in the Near Future?

ChatGPT and other AI writers may send content writers out of their jobs soon! Here are the reasons I think so...


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Artificial intelligence, robotics, and machine learning are now commonplace at the heart of innovation across different industries. But as a content writer, you might not have given these disruptive trends a deep thought.

For the content writing industry, a major disruption that attracted much discussion started when Open AI unveiled ChatGPT (Generative Pre-trained Transformer) in November 2022, a new algorithm that uses a neural network to have conversational interactions.

According to Harvard Business Review, this technology is a "tipping point" for AI because it is feedback-based and allows for human-machine collaboration.

The potential for businesses to use AI and chatbot technology to create content is growing with more significant technological developments in the content industry. Clearly, the traditional content writing industry may be disrupted by AI and ChatGPT.

And so, many questions arise about the extent of the disruption by AI writers. Would this be the end of content writing jobs for human writers? Should writers look for another profitable skill and reduce their dependence on content writing? Will AI only suffice as a complementary effort to human writing?

In this article, I'll explore the possibility of AI content writers replacing human content writers in the near future, the benefits and drawbacks of AI writers, and the way forward.

What are AI writers?

AI writers are writing tools that use artificial intelligence to generate content for different purposes, such as blogs, newsletters, landing pages, sales copy, website content, etc. Some other AI tools double with SEO capabilities, making them more marketing inclined.

Unlike human writers, AI writing software can write original, conversational content within minutes. These tools are built with capabilities to process user input and compile relevant information from the internet’s information database.

What are the advantages of AI writers over humans?

AI writers have some benefits that beat the best of writers the world over. These advantages include the following:

  • Faster output (literally in minutes), helping you scale your content production
  • Unique articles
  • Fewer or zero grammatical errors
  • Ability to produce content in any niche or industry
  • Ability to produce diverse content types
  • Can work round the clock (if you pay your subscription fee. Hahaha)
  • Ever learning

These are some of the reasons AI seems better than human writers. However, there are downsides too, and I’ll examine some of them below:

What are the drawbacks of AI content writers?

  • AI writers can’t evoke emotions, which is a significant downside, especially for marketing
  • AI writers lack the human quality to exactly understand your content objectives, audience, and context. If these are lacking, the writing will tend to be ordinary and unable to drive results
  • Many AI writers don’t generate more than 1,000 words of content per time, making them less helpful for long-form content
  • AI writers are programmed and can’t think out of the box to produce genuinely creative content for marketing and advertising.

I can find multiple disadvantages of AI writers, but the major quality AI writing software lacks is they are not HUMAN. And well, this is really a major factor.

What are the fears human content writers have about AI?

Many writers have fears that AI will eventually completely replace content writers, but are these fears real? Can AI content writers replace humans?

This issue brings to mind popular sci-fi movies depicting robots and machines taking over the world. Are we headed in the direction of a new world order where robots and artificial intelligence call the shots?

Although at the moment, AI writers and ChatGPT draw information from the well of knowledge made available by human writers on the internet. But will a time come when the tables will be turned against humans?

Can AI really write better than humans?

If AI becomes more proficient at crafting stories than we are, will people still want to be writers? And given that AI has a vast knowledge of everything inside of it compared to humans with relatively little knowledge, would people be more inclined to read material written by AI?

This is a brand-new technology, of course. There are more questions than answers. However, one can envision a future in which AI chatbots rather than humans produce a large portion of the writing we read in the not-too-distant future.

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What is the way forward for human content writers?

Technology has always been evolving over the years, but the incredible ability of humans to evolve and adapt makes us special. Going by the relative ease and convenience of content production over the years, it is clear that AI will become more adept in content production.

But is this the end of the road for human writers? I don’t think so. There probably will be a continuum. Even though a computer can do something better, people still prefer humans to do it in some fields.

Human chess, with all its drama, has persisted in the 25 years since IBM's Deep Blue defeated Garry Kasparov as the world champion. Expert writers still won't be completely replaced by AI, especially in marketing and copywriting fields where you have to convey feelings and emotions.

Although AI can already assist businesses in preparing content for websites or identifying opportunities for optimizing content, some tasks are still beyond its scope, such as:

  • Write content about unusual events and phenomena
  • Check information and sources using human studies
  • Comprehend the subtleties of style and tone
  • Develop original ideas.

Instead of viewing our relationship with AI as a rivalry and a struggle for our jobs, we can view it as a chance for collaboration that will improve our ability to write content. For instance, we can use AI to generate the first manuscript of a text and build from there when we're experiencing writer's block, which, let's face it, we all experience occasionally.

My final take on AI content writing tools vs. human writers

AI writing has come to stay, definitely, but the safe haven for writers lies in their ability to develop strong expertise, voice, and tone in specific areas of marketing and copywriting in their respective industries. Plus, now is the best time to establish yourself before the competition with AI becomes stiffer.

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