What will be Business all Around world;After COVID19 Pandemic

By this article,You would inspired to future business and don be afraid for future when corona left


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Whenever you think that something bad happened,than always good things are waiting for you, This is universal low,But here we will not discuss such mythological things, But reality will be shown to you ,than you can realize it.

Following are the Business sectors which will run as fastest speed ,Which never observed.

(1)FOOD & AGRI PROCESSING:As I am a food consultant, First of all I have observed that lots of people are learning different type of Food Recipes,And many of them will start it as business,such incident happened at our city itself,As they want to establish his hotel, as during last 15days they are serving free foods to poor,And now learned all type of Distribution technique.As well as food business will grow at highest speed due to ready to eat market is highly demandable due to changing upward life style specially Developing country like India.And along with this food business lots of small business will grow like food cold storage as well as employment generation will be at peak.

(2),R&D In medicines:This is the field ,although working hard,But now it's first time the whole world have observed that even we are capable to reach mars,But we are still not that much knowledge to search vaccine for COVID19, and that's due to the Covid virus is changing it's genome frequently ,So scientifically it's tough to do research on every time changing Genome to develop memory cell,Actually this is highly scientific theory ,I don't want to give details here as most of the common person will not understand technical language,But big Multinational pharmaceutical company learned only after corona pandemic ,that any time something new will come ,So they will start new R&D Center as well as new employment of scientist will start.Means more Bioinformatics student will get job.

Also world's most powder-full states USA & Europe ,Understood the importance of API, as API Is main Raw materials they were importing from china, and than from API They were making Medicines,So,Now they want to establish API Manufacturing units in his own country,Thus big structure of new line of pharmaceutical industry will establish.

(3),Hygienic Materials :This is totally double or more even right now,And I am also getting lots of inquary to set up Hand sanitizer manufacturing unit, as an consultant,And even during lockdown period , I have established that unit, actually only and only COVID19 PANDEMIC has given tuition to world's population to use such things like Mask and Sanitizers, Means Now it will become regular even after pandemic finished ,So new Business emerge and it will continue forever.

(4),Patriotism:You may think how this patriotic factor will work as pioneer for new business,But it is right in every country people suddenly feel as well as realy helping to every surrounding animal or people,As well as every one including India as an case feel that why we purchase materials from other's ,We must purchase it locally,Thus ,if any country's local persons economy will improve than definelty it will help that country too much to establish Small & Medium business,So that things I am observing right now ,And several company's are helping to Poor people.

(5),Digital Marketing:There will be five fold increment in this field,Means five times job generation will be there, means ultimately every business will grow, that's happened only due to COVID19,That we feel the importance of Digital Marketing.Example:Why Zoom applications customer base increase unexpected rate ,it's now 220million,Which was just 17million before COVID19,Means every body now feel that the future lies in Digital marketing, Actaully we all knows that earlier also, But only and only COVID19 FACTOR is responsible to realize it to us.

(6),IT Industry:The work from home culture increased and now some company will continue it,Thus many industry will have to increase their power to work like bROADBAND internet industry supplying internet to home,Smart TV Which can work as TV as well as Screen for computer ,best suitable for home work,thus electronic market will grow never before. The highest demand of IT Industry will be to Tele medicine field,as people understood how to get maximum benefits of telemedicine without going to Doctor.

(7)Infrastructure & Construction Business:As per above IT Industry development ; This Infrastructure & Construction industry will bounce back and due to that industry ,approximate 80type of new industry related with this infrastructure industry will grow like Cement,Iron and paints.Infrastructure Industry will develop too much with specilation to make Appartment in which small office space will be available and there are so many opportunity to builders to serve every industry to construct buildings.

(8),Spiritual & Ethics:This is the part of Motivational speakers and channels business, and only due to COVID19 PANDEMIC people were jobless and sitting at home,Thus they understood by punishment of unemployment ;means sitting at home,they learned the value of Service ,Industry,& Employer, and they move towards Spiritual method,So both will get benefits from this one is Employer as now Employee learned the value of job,So as per human resource value ,the employer will get most of the things from such employees, who would never think to leave his employer.

(9),Engineering:The one and only equipment known to every body is ventilator; which is due to COVID19 COMMON PEOPLE know it, And such lots of Bio medical equipment manufacturing will start as an precautions and high demand, So every related industry ,specialy major one is Engineering will get fresh avatar.

Article written by B. Kumar; CEO, B. Kumar Food Consultancy services, Rajkot(Gujarat)

ABOUT WRITER:providing food consultancy for  recipes and food manufacturing plant set Khakhra ,snacks,Spice,Seasoning and all indian ethnic snacks.




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