How Much Will it Cost to Create an STO Platform?

Create STO platform in an affordable way


Simone Liaa

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In the crypto space, security token offering is the widely used secured crypto fundraising method, especially for budding startups, and entrepreneurs for the fundraising process. 

In general, the security token offering development process includes the creation of a security token by choosing the secured token standard of any blockchain network. For eg - ERC1400 is a security token standard of the Ethereum blockchain. Then, the most important part of STO development is choosing the development method. There are two methods such as scratch vs script. 

Developing STO from the beginning may cost more expensive and consumes a lot of time to develop without any errors or mistakes. Whereas, creating using a readymade STO script cost very low and takes only 7 days to create. So choosing the readymade STO script is the wisest choice to develop your business in the crypto industry.  

Once, if you are choosing the STO script, below are some features of STO script,

  • Asset fractionalization
  • Smart contracts are integrated
  • KYC/AML services
  • Participation of investors worldwide
  • Integration of a secure virtual wallet
  • Various payment methods
  • Automatic Token departure 
  • Advanced STO analytics
  • Referral programs, etc.

While choosing a pre-built STO script, you may think that, how much will it cost to create your STO website. Well, the cost to create an STO platform mainly depends on some important factors. In addition to this, the features, and security systems that you like to integrate with the STO dashboard shape the overall cost to create your STO platform. 

For that, you can refer to this - Cost to Create STO Platform 

You can buy this readymade STO script from any reputed STO script provider in the crypto industry. They will offer you an STO website with extraordinary features at an affordable cost. Reach out to them and start building STO today!


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