Will Technology Bring Humanity Utopia or Dystopia?

Unpredictable environmental problems like limited resources and population growth can make all world like Africa. People may starve and the world becomes a desert because the damage is given to the planet.


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All in all, without finding solutions for these ethical concerns, transhumanism will only cause chaos as most people aspect in society.

What about ‘Singularity’

The second reason why people do not agree with the advocates of transhumanism is people may not know what the possible results of this technology are and its effects.

Singularity arises from the unpredictability of technological innovations following rapid development. Moreover, Moore’s law states that “computing power doubles every eighteen months to two years.”.

This implies that people cannot be sure that such powerful technologies will be beneficial for humanity.

One reason for this is that humankind does not know if everyone lives longer if the world handles it. Transhumanism has the purpose of decreasing human limitations and one of the biggest limitations is mortality.

That’s why transhumanism tries to find a cure for death which is our biggest limitation. Living longer and maybe forever may seem pleasant for many people, but there are some concerns about how the environment is affected by it.

The main point that causes such concerns is when everyone in the world lives forever, the number of human living on the earth also increases simultaneously.

This means the world has been no longer recycling itself and it causes an extreme number of people living in the world.

After this kind of enormous population increases, how natural resources such as water or forest can support this kind of need in the world since human beings need natural resources to survive and it’s a well-known fact that these resources will be consumed out one day as they are nonrenewable.

The ecological cycle may be damaged, and new generations may have to grow up without seeing a tree around them, due to the atmospheric consumption of humans.

Thus, unpredictable environmental problems like limited resources and population growth can make all world like Africa. People may starve and the world becomes a desert because the damage is given to the planet.

Besides, according to Issacson, not only unpredictable environmental concerns but also unexpected social chance may cause adverse impacts on society.

A typical concern is as the result of this kind of growth in the world because what all these people do for work, how do they find a job, and even do they have to work for their all life, is not known.

In our contemporary world people has an obligation to work since people benefit from the production of others. On the contrary, if everyone lives forever, no one wants to do an unpleasant job which people need as much as high prestigious jobs.

Furthermore, nobody in the world won’t spend their time working and in that case, who work for the community and how their lives meaning will be an unknown question for humanity.

All of these are significant questions to rethink this idea. We cannot be sure about the outcomes and we cannot predict the results of the magnificent growth of population because of singularity.

Benefits of transhumanism

Despite all of the statements above, some futurists and advocates of transhumanism may claim that transhumanist idea provides a chance of a more quality life that people had never had a chance before.

They believe that transhumanism provides people to have complete control of their body and change to modify their bodies in terms of their desires. People may continue their lives without being bound by the difficulties inherent in natural processes.

For instance, some feminists argue that because of the natural process they are the one who gives birth and who suffers from it.

Thus, they assert that biotechnology may help women to reshape their bodies and have control over their own body which means women do not have to give birth as babies may be grown in an artificial womb.

However, ecofeminists disagree with that idea because they hypothesize that this technology will destroy women’s role in nature and dehumanize them. The concern is this application will decrease the importance of women in society and women lose their natural identity (Bostrom, 2005, p. 23).

They claim that it is against nature and if human beings give up from their natural identities what it means to be human will be a question for humanity.

Another point of view for the benefits of transhumanism is with the embryo selection. Prospective parents may choose the best genes for their children which led them to make their children more brilliant then they may never be naturally.

Therefore, such selection allows society to be more intelligent that leads to being an improved life on the planet.

However, Tennison claims that this will cause force for parents because if everyone is born as brilliant or athletic, parents will feel forced to choose better genes too because choosing better genes might be the only way to compete with other brilliant and high-quality children.

Otherwise, competitions that are caused by genetic choices cause cracks in the community.

Thus, although transhumanism seems a heavenly idea, there is some concerns and problem too. These concerns and problems must fix or else maybe drawbacks can destroy all benefits of it and cause only unknown chaos.

Contrary to those who claim that transhumanist idea provides a chance of more quality life, Tennison and Bostrom proved that transhumanism leads to dissociations and conflicts within the community.


Taking everything above into consideration ethical questions and singularity are the signs of adverse effects of transhumanism.

  • Ethical concerns like equality in society or using this technology for enhancement are significant problems to reconsider this idea.
  • Also, unpredictable technology may not be as useful as people think as they have never predicted what will be the next step and the results of it.

Although some people believe that transhumanism applications will provide a bright future for humankind, the possible drawbacks cannot be underestimated.

Whether which side is right is not clearly known, making a huge movement about transhumanism without solving these concerns in people’s mind only create a possible dystopia for humankind rather than a utopia.


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